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Knightmare Screenshots

Amiga version

Knightmare Amiga Intro - Knightmare castle

Intro - Knightmare castle

Knightmare Amiga Intro - Knight

Intro - Knight

Knightmare Amiga Title screen

Title screen

Knightmare Amiga Start menu

Start menu

Knightmare Amiga Character customization

Character customization

Knightmare Amiga Game start

Game start

Knightmare Amiga Inventory and statistics screen

Inventory and statistics screen

Knightmare Amiga Treguard


Knightmare Amiga Cart


Knightmare Amiga Riding the cart

Riding the cart

Knightmare Amiga First enemy

First enemy

Knightmare Amiga Hooded enemy

Hooded enemy

Knightmare Amiga Tree


Knightmare Amiga Game over

Game over

Knightmare Screenshots

Atari ST version

Knightmare Atari ST Intro


Knightmare Atari ST Title screen

Title screen

Knightmare Atari ST Main menu

Main menu

Knightmare Atari ST Walking in the forest

Walking in the forest

Knightmare Atari ST A talking head

A talking head

Knightmare Atari ST A cart

A cart

Knightmare Atari ST Going by cart

Going by cart

Knightmare Atari ST A switch in the wall, what will it do?

A switch in the wall, what will it do?

Knightmare Atari ST An enemy

An enemy

Knightmare Atari ST My team is almost dead

My team is almost dead

Knightmare Atari ST Game over

Game over