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Nintendo (Aug 25, 2010)
Linéaire. Voilà bien le seul défaut que l’on peut soutirer à ce Knights in the Nightmare qui, aux antipodes du nanar vidéoludique, arrive à littéralement nous entraîner dans son monde plein de ténèbres tout en nous proposant un gameplay novateur et efficace auquel on peut rapidement devenir accro. Modèle de narration et de richesse en termes de contenu, il se place dans les plus hautes sphères du RPG tactique et se permet de regarder de haut son très lointain cousin, FFTA2, en toute légitimité.
Nintendo DSWorth Playing (Jun 18, 2009)
Aside from the fact that the game has a fairly steep learning curve early on, there isn't a lot to complain about when it comes to Knights in the Nightmare. While it is tough to get into, once you get accustomed to everything, it's an incredibly deep SRPG with a lot of reasons to run through the main game multiple times. There are a number of friendly units you can recruit — at least 100 individuals, apparently — and my initial game didn't even come close to that number. From what I understand, there are additional scenarios to see in subsequent new games and an increased difficulty that really amps up the challenge in Nightmare mode. Altogether, if you're a fan of RPGs in general, then you owe it to yourself to give KitN a try. It's a fantastic RPG on the DS and easily my favorite to hit the system since The World Ends With You.
Nintendo DSGameZone (Jun 29, 2009)
Knights in the Nightmare is unlike anything you’ve ever played before, and its intricate gameplay definitely gives it a steep learning curve. It’s one of those rare titles that’s destined to be a niche legend, and like Disgaea, will doubtless become a benchmark of a gamer’s hardcore-ness. Many DS gamers — most, even — won’t be willing or interested in investing the time and attention necessary to come to understand it. For those that are, though, the game provides an experience that can’t be matched.
Nintendo DSIGN (Jun 01, 2009)
Knights in the Nightmare may be the most complex game I’ve ever played. There’s a near-endless list of options, strategy, stats, and gameplay mechanics to learn, and I could see serious players spending an hour or two learning the ins and outs of the game via tutorials and tips, trying a few missions to get the feel for it all, and then restarting their file once they really get the game. It’s deep, and for some it’s going to be too much. For others though, this is the depth and strategy that is missing from current-day games. If you’re up for a truly original, genre-less experience that innovates and pushes players in a way few titles will, Knights in the Nightmare is meant for you. And with every new piece of the puzzle comes a whole new wave of possibilities. By the time you figure it all out, you’ll have discovered a game so robust and truly complete that you – like me – will want to see everything it has to offer. Knights in the Nightmare is an awesome addition to the DS library.
Nintendo DSDestructoid (Jun 08, 2009)
In the end, no other DS title plays like Knights in the Nightmare. It's one of those games that gives you as much as you put into it. If you invest the time to learn the game play, you'll be greatly rewarded with a fresh, addictive battle system. This is gamer's game that begs to be explored more. Knights in the Nightmare may not be a good fit for the casual or impatient gamer, but if you're one that's tired of the same old DS strategy role-playing titles, you likely be thrilled by this unique game.
Nintendo DSRPGFan (May 29, 2009)
I can't believe I ended up enjoying this game as thoroughly as I did. It truly came as a shock to me, because my initial impression was that I wouldn't like this game at all. But it's worth learning the game's unique mechanics and trying it out. The game has multiple endings (thanks to the differing scenarios), as well as different difficulty levels, and hundreds of recruitable characters, including some from Riviera and Yggdra Union. If you're a series fan, there's no question that you need to play this game. For newcomers, I only offer this one warning: be ready for a challenge. This is a difficult game, and you have to want to learn how the game works to enjoy it. Put in the effort, and you'll get a lot out of it. It may not be the best handheld strategy RPG on the market, but it's certainly the one that turned the genre on its head. I will not soon forget it, and if you take on this 20-hour-long DS game, I suspect you'll remember it fondly as well.
PSPHonestGamers (Nov 06, 2010)
Knights is polished, with unique and creative designs for both monsters and characters, but I wish they had included more cutscenes to show off Yukio Takatsu's art. But those are minor rough edges to be easily smoothed over in a sequel. And there had better be a sequel. Knights In The Nightmare is the type of game strategy fans have waited years for. They didn’t pile on one or two useless ideas to an already tired system; they reinvented the concept entirely and it works on every level. They’ve actually, miraculously, made an intense strategy game -- a feat no one should miss.
Nintendo DSNintendo Life (Jun 10, 2009)
Let's be clear here: Knights In The Nightmare is a game designed for a very niche audience. It is a game that almost revels in being inaccessible to the average gamer. By this point I'm sure you've already decided whether Knights In The Nightmare is or isn't for you, but those of you willing to take the challenge will find a beautiful, genre-bending game with near-endless amounts of strategy, customisation and content. Truly, Knights In The Nightmare is a game worthy of the title "hardcore".
Nintendo DSGameSpot (Jun 22, 2009)
Knights in the Nightmare is the very definition of a genre-defying game. Regardless of how many tactical role-playing games you may have played before, you've never played anything like Knights in the Nightmare. The unusual mechanics and complexity of tactical considerations make this a daunting undertaking for genre newcomers and seasoned vets alike. But Knights in the Nightmare is so skillfully made and compelling that what may first feel like an uneasy mix of disparate genres eventually feels like the perfect marriage of elements, which results in something wholly new and legitimately exciting. If you have any interest in tactical games and don't mind a serious challenge, you should absolutely own Knights in the Nightmare.
Nintendo DSThunderbolt Games (Jun 24, 2009)
Knights in the Nightmare is not an easy game to get into, and its complicated mechanics might be too overwhelming for those looking for simpler fun. Regardless, few games can reward your efforts as well as this one can. Pick it up if you want something different. Long live the king.
Nintendo DSNintendoWorldReport (Jul 20, 2009)
Knights in the Nightmare, while complicated, is an excellent game worthy of players' time and effort. Though the game starts slowly due to excessive tutorials not integrated into the play experience, when players learn the breadth of controls, they will find an engaging, genre-bending combat system, beautiful art, and music that stands apart from anything done on the DS before.
75 (Jul 18, 2013)
En prenant le parti de mêler autant de styles différents, Sting a couru un risque qui s'est finalement révélé payant. La version DS a eu son petit succès critique, et c'est avec joie que les amateurs de T-RPG accueilleront cette version améliorée. Certes, le jeu n'est pas parfait et les textes sont uniquement en langue anglaise, mais toujours est-il que ceux qui cherchent de l'originalité en auront pour leur argent.
Nintendo DSRPGamer (Jun 28, 2009)
Knights in the Nightmare stands out in every way, although more by being strange than by being fantastic. Each aspect of the game is very good, but missing the extra push that would have made it great. While the odd combat mechanics work well together and are certainly original, the battle system is not necessarily more fun than a standard tactics setup. The art is wonderful, though missing the visual impact of Sting's previous games. The tragic story is intriguing, would make a page-turner of a novel, and succeeds at telling a tale centered on its characters while keeping the player guessing about missing plot points until the end, but it lacks the emotional kick that would have elevated it to one of the best JRPG stories ever told.
Nintendo DSGamesRadar (Jun 03, 2009)
Knights in the Nightmare isn't a bad game; the combat system is addictive as hell, and though the various elements of the game that might seem like an odd mix, together they make a lot of sense. It just tries to do too much, so instead of a historic must-play that changes the genre forever, we get a quirky, worthwhile oddity.
Nintendo (May 31, 2010)
»Wisp« heißt nicht umsonst »Wisch«: Knights in the Nightmare ist ein hektisches Wischiwaschi auf dem Touchscreen. Es ist gut gedacht, innovativ und taktisch vielfältig - in der Handhabung aber ebenso unübersichtlich wie überladen. Und das wird leider selbst dann nicht besser, nachdem man stundenlang durch das kalte Wasser des unbarmherzigen Einstiegs geschwommen ist: In der Planungsphase wird das umfangreiche Taktieren unter einer Menüflut, im Kampf unter einem Wust an feindlichen Geschossen und anderen Informationen begraben. Clevere Entscheidungen haben das Nachsehen hinter dem ständigen Hin- und Herziehen des Stifts - das darf einem Taktikspiel nicht passieren! Die Art und Weise wie Gesetz und Chaos, Charakterklassen und Elemente sowie die Vergänglichkeit aller Figuren und Waffen ineinander greifen, lässt spielerische Klasse erahnen. Das Verfallsdatum der Ritter ist allerdings geradezu symptomatisch für dieses Abenteuer.
Nintendo DSGamervision (Jun 22, 2006)
There’s no doubt that Knights in the Nightmare is a truly one-of-a-kind experience, and a concept that has some potential. There are times when the gameplay is fun and frantic, and avoiding enemies’ shots while strategizing your own attacks can be a blast, but more often than not, it’s just chaotic and confusing. Despite a tutorial that takes about an hour and a half to complete, the controls never feel comfortable. Moreover, the story never draws you in, battles take forever, diminishing the game’s allure as a portable experience, and the fact that you play as a ball of light introduces a layer of separation from the game’s characters that ensures your disinterest in their fates. It’s not a failure by any means, but to call Knights in the Nightmare a success would be overstating it. Instead, it’s a fascinating but flawed attempt to throw an all-new twist into an established genre. I can’t recommend the game as it is, but I am looking forward to a more polished, streamlined sequel.
Nintendo DSGame Revolution (Jul 17, 2009)
Knights in the Nightmare is an unusual game in a number of ways, and has a large number of positive qualities – fine artwork, an excellent soundtrack, an intriguing storyline – but fails in the most fundamental aspect: the gameplay. It’s generally dull. Despite a high initial learning curve – usually the sign of a game with depth and complexity – Knights in the Nightmare is shallow and simple.