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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 2.9
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.3
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.0
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.8
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.6
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.5
Overall User Score (12 votes) 3.6

Critic Reviews

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92 (Dec 20, 2004)
Black Sea Studios and Sunflowers have delivered exactly what they promised: a large, RTS-based Empire game, that encompasses elements from all mayor strategy games out there and then combines them in something new. Anyone who enjoys RTS and Empire games should be happy playing this… just don't lose track of time, because it will make you late for appointments, keep you awake until very late at night and entertain you until dawn if you let it. There is always one more battle to fight, one more treaty to sign...
My advice is to stick with the game even when it seems a little frustrating. It took me about three hours of play, often getting my royal tail kicked in every area, before I became proficient with the menus and the various paths to victory. Once you get to the top of that learning curve hill, the game offers some of the most enriching and exciting gameplay to ever simulate this period in history. The balance between thinking and fighting is just about perfect. Many will likely fall by the wayside on their journey there (many less thanks to the great tutorial) but I can tell you that on the other side it is more than worth the effort. Knights of Honor earns 4 + GiN Gems for their treasury, one of many awards this title will likely receive in its long lifecycle. Crown this one king, for it deserves it.
Netjak (Jun 13, 2005)
Knights of Honor places you in control of a medieval nation, unlike in Crusader Kings which put you in charge of a particular fiefdom, and tasks you to be the emperor of Europe. The game is played out in real time with a few exceptions, like battles and in a few information screens, and lacks the political and economic complexity of Crusader Kings. You don’t have to worry about managing how much land is under your control, keeping your vassals happy, and you have an easier time of handling political issues.
Game Watcher (Oct 05, 2004)
Overall, this is an excellent effort. Beautiful to look at, and easy to play, and from what I could see, bug free.The game had me coming back for more, hour after hour, and these days, that really is something, as I review a lot of games. I would say that anyone who likes a tough fight, and is interested in the middle ages, should get this game, it is well worth the price.
GameStar (Germany) (Oct, 2004)
Knights of Honor macht einen Riesenspaß, solange man auf der Hauptkarte bleibt. Ländereien aufbauen, Freund und Feind austricksen und sich am stetigen Wachstum des eigenen Reiches erfreuen: Diese Zutaten machen das Spiel stark, weil sie dank sehr guter KI funktionieren. Schade bloß, dass die Echtzeitschlachten so hässlich sind. Zudem wird's schnell langweilig, wenn sich die Einheiten erstmal ineinander verkeilt haben. Ich habe deshalb die Kämpfe immer berechnen lassen. Dass mir dieses überflüssige Anhängsel nicht gefehlt hat, spricht für das ausgefeilte Spielkonzept. Ich werde nicht ruhen, bis Europa auch auf dem höchsten Schwierigkeitsgrad mein ist.
Though the individual ingredients don’t stand out, Knights of Honor comes together as a tasty stew. It’s engaging, entertaining, and challenging, and it’s sure to bring a smile to your inner world conqueror.
80 (Oct 22, 2004)
"Knights of Honor" erscheint zum falschen Zeitpunkt. Es muss derzeit gegen das weit überlegene "Rome" von Electronic Arts antreten. Im Strategiebereich auf der 2D-Karte sind die Produkte ganz klar gleich gut. Im Taktik-Bereich zieht "Rome" aber weit an "Knights of Honor" vorbei. Darum kann ich es nur Mittelalter-Fans empfehlen oder den Rat geben: Einfach warten, bis es zum Budget-Preis da ist.
Absolute Games ( (Dec 05, 2004)
Наиболее устойчивая ассоциация, связавшая Knights of Honor с внешним, настоящим миром, — произведения советских номенклатурных писателей. Вроде и сделано все умело, не придерешься, а чувствуется социальный заказ. Иначе и быть не могло. Такие цензоры, как Sunflowers и Electronic Arts, контркультурную ерунду и авангард в народ не пускают. Бизнес есть бизнес.
Video Game Talk (Apr 26, 2005)
A good entry into the hybrid RTS and complex strategy game, Black Sea has created a surprisingly deep game that gets more complex and involved as you dive deeper into it. If you want to play it as a straight action game, that is possible but you will need to have some sort of planning and strategy. For the pacifists out there, the game can also be played with a minimal amount of battle by strictly playing a diplomatic game. With three difficulty levels to challenge even the most hardened strategy players, as well as multiplayer modes, Knights of Honor is sure to offer you a lot of time and challenge and is worth picking up for fans of the genre.
PC Action (Oct 01, 2004)
Die Komplexität des Spiels ließ mich mehrfach kräftig schlucken. Die Benutzerführung in Knights of Honor ist ähnlich umständlich, wie einem Hamster das Sprechen beizubringen. "Schuld" ist größtenteils die Menge an Funktionen, die man umso mehr schätzen lernt, je länger man sich in dieses Monster hineinkniet. Echt, ich habe noch kein Spiel gezockt, dass das Mittelalter derart realistisch in Szene setzt! Einsteigern steigt ob der Komplexität zwar die Zornes­-röte ins Gesicht. Doch Hardcore-Strategen brechen vor Freude mit Heulkrämpfen zusammen, beten ab sofort den Sunflowers-Gott an und rechnen sechs Prozent auf unsere Wertung drauf.
Game Chronicles (Apr 26, 2005)
A week or so ago I noticed a rather large box on my doorstep. Curious, I examined said box to discover a great press-edition package, complete with a spiffy black t-shirt displaying Knights of Honor across the front and back. The very next day I wore that same shirt to a Blazer’s game, and needless to say I was the talk of the Rose City…well at least it was a free-and clean. Either way, if they spent that much time to send out a fancy wax-sealed envelope and the aforementioned shirt, they must have put a decent effort into the game…right?
Game Over Online (Apr 24, 2005)
Knights of Honor is a medieval real time strategy title that lets you lead the many feudal kingdoms that came about after the decline of the Roman Empire in AD 1000, AD 1200 and AD 1350. With the recent release of Rome: Total War, most PC strategy fans will draw parallels between the two as Knights of Honor is similarly bifurcated into a kingdom strategy portion and a battle portion. Unlike the Total War series, though, the kingdom management section here is also presented in real time presenting a much quicker pace of game.
GameSpot (Jun 07, 2005)
It's generally hard to be surprised in the real-time strategy genre these days, but you have to give the developers at Black Sea Studios credit, because they've created one of the most original and enjoyable real-time strategy games in recent years. With that said, it should also be noted that Knights of Honor is a game that's not for everyone. This is an incredibly deep medieval kingdom simulation, and it's the closest to actually being able to put you in the ruling seat of a feudal land.
GameSpy (Dec 05, 2004)
Multiplayer options notwithstanding, Knights of Honor is a triumph of play balance, attention to detail, and a wealth of elements coming together to present a challenging and authentic-feeling simulation of medieval politics. Once you learn the interface and get past the slow, steep climb from newbie to confident king, you'll delight in the kingdom building, cautious comradely, back-stabbing, and other treachery that comes with the attempt to rule the known world.
PC Games (Germany) (Oct 10, 2004)
Wer sich für Städteplanung, Diplomatie und Handel so gar nicht begeistern kann, wird sich in der von Sunflowers (Anno 1503) veröffentlichten mittelalterlichen Eroberungssimulation schnell als Vasall eines Großreichs wiederfinden. Die eigenen Provinzen aufbauen, die Versorgung sichern, Armeen aufstellen und andere Länder erobern - klingt einfach? Ist es aber dank des enormen Tiefgangs, den Knights of Honor bietet, nicht.
Een scheutje Europa Universalis, aanlengen met Shogun: Total War, een dosis Risk, afwerken met een shot Civilization en een schijfje Age of Empires... Voilà: Knights of Honor.
GameZone (Nov 21, 2004)
Knights of Honor takes place in the Middle Ages. It is a game that requires players to not only take charge of their military power, but to also consider the people living under their rule. Elements such as religion, economy, education, and influence come into play in this very deep strategy game brought to us by Black Sea and Sunflowers.
IGN (Oct 01, 2004)
We were pretty excited when we first previewed Lords of the Realms 3 a few years back and, though the title itself was a bit of a disappointment, the concept is still sound. Black Sea Studios has just released their own medieval-themed strategy game, Knights of Honor. By mixing the real-time empire management of games like Europa Universalis with a tactical battle system that seems drawn from Impression's city-building games, Knights of Honor tries to offer a wide variety of experiences. Sadly this breadth causes the game to lose some of its focus.
76 (Oct 01, 2004)
Knights of Honor kann nicht vollends überzeugen. Trotz seines motivierenden Strategiemodus, der mit seinen Feldzügen, der Diplomatie, der Spionage und der Reichsverwaltung einen bunten Strauß an Möglichkeiten bietet, steht es nicht in allen Punkten auf gleicher Augenhöhe mit der ähnlich konzipierten Total War-Reihe. Nicht nur der langweilige Schlachtenmodus und der lieblos gemachte Multiplayer fallen unangenehm auf. Das stimmungsvolle Echtzeit-Strategiespiel ist leider recht unübersichtlich, bisweilen umständlich in der Bedienung und darüber hinaus auch noch hektisch.
Armchair Empire, The (May 30, 2005)
Although it faces some high-profile competition from the likes of Rome: Total War, Knights of Honor is no less worthy of being picked up by strategy fans. It has a few areas where the whole package could be tightened up, but the strategy is deep, delicious and crispy like bacon, which is what you want in a strategy sandwi-- I mean, game.
75 (Sep 30, 2004)
Knights of Honor est un bon wargame. Même si les habitués du genre lui reprocheront peut-être un manque de richesse dans les possibilités qu'il offre, il n'en demeure pas moins passionnant. Sa réalisation est soignée comparé aux titres de la concurrence, son interface est pratique et l'aspect diplomatique est vraiment très bien géré. On prend vraiment un réel plaisir à développer son royaume et à passer des alliances. Un petit bémol cependant : le multijoueur. Il se limite en effet à des batailles et ne permet pas aux joueurs de s'affronter sur l'aspect gestion. Dommage !
Gameplay (Benelux) (Nov, 2004)
Knights of Honor ziet er veelbelovend uit doch is net niet meeslepend genoeg om heel lang te blijven boeien.
Game Shark (May 10, 2005)
Black Sea Studios' real-time strategy game is good but it may be a little too hard for the average RTS gamer to learn and handle.
1UP (May 31, 2005)
Paradox Interactive has made its living publishing expansive empire building strategy games like Hearts of Iron and Europa Universalis. It continues this tradition with Knights of Honor, a new real time strategy game from Bulgarian developer Black Sea Studios.
Joystick (French) (Nov, 2004)
De belles promesses et un concept excitant pour un jeu qui s'avère finalement fade et répétitif. Une fouis qu'on a assimilé quelques stratégies basiques, on gagne facilement toutes les parties quels que soient les conditions de départ et le niveau de difficulté.