Knights of the Chalice Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Starting the game
Creating your characters. The game adheres to 3E D&D rules, but with some minor changes.
You receive quests by talking to various people.
You can buy or sell equipment, but merchants have only a modest selection of items.
Detailed descriptions are available for items. Material from which the item was made, damage type and special abilities are all important.
When your level is high enough and if you have the right feats you can (and should) craft your own items.
Combat with some minor elementals. Combat options allow grappling with your opponents, bullrushing them, attacking if they cast spells and much more.
The game provides slightly modified open-source 3E D&D descriptions for all available creature types.
Spells are also well documented. Spells can be enhanced by metamagic feats if you choose to do so.
A cleric's spellbook. Unlike classic 3E D&D, in this game all spellcasters learn spells from scrolls (like wizards) and cast them without preparation (like sorcerers).
After each combat you see a victory screen.
...unless you happen to die.
Loot from all dead enemies is dropped after the battle is over.
Your journal records active and completed quests, as well as useful information.
A cave dungeon.
You can access a minimap of your current location. As you explore the location more of the map is revealed.
The world map allows you to travel to dungeons, towns and other important places.