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Knights of the Sky

Knights of the Sky Screenshots

Amiga version

Scene from the intro
Title screen
Copy protection screen
Main menu
I'm about to score an aerial victory.
There's an enemy fighter on my tail.
Right-hand cockpit view
The campaign menu
Reading the mission description.
Bad news, a bullet has damaged my engine.
Taking a look at the map.
Didn't make it back to my home base...
Luckily I could crash-land my plane in friendly territory.
Aircraft selection
I'm going to challenge the Red Baron!
Taking off.
Preparing for a head-to-head match.

Knights of the Sky Screenshots

Atari ST version

From the chaps at MPS
The cute intro movie sets the mood
Just like in the old days!
Copy protection
Main menu
The pilot roster
You start out as a corporal, but can earn medals and advance
This menu lets you choose a plane and mission
At this early stage, you only have two planes to choose from
Mission briefing
On the airstrip
Tactical view: allied plane
The bombing view isn't very useful on the ground
Chase view can be very useful
Slot view: front
Slot view: left
The map of the mission
Side view
Flying towards the front
Going for an airship
Navigate using landmarks such as roads and rivers
The Hun comes from behind
He flies straight into my crosshairs
I read the map correctly
That's the trenches down there

Knights of the Sky Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Choose pilot
Choose your airship
Know Thine Enemy
Mission briefing
Front View
Back View
Side View