Knights of Xentar Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Introduction -- these guys steal all your possessions
Introduction continued -- you wake up after a severe beating
You start the game literally naked!
You can change the map type into this weird-looking 3D instead of 2D
Cutscene: you get back at your attackers
Cutscene: you meet your nemesis very early in the game
Walking in the wilderness near the village with no name
An early combat screen
A wolf is trying to rape Red Riding Hood. I wish I were joking
The rescued Red Riding Hood will show you her gratitude in a moment...
Most towns look alike. You've gathered a full party of three permanent members, with some nice equipment
Party screen
Special items screen
This guy is tough! Luna is hurt!... Battle backgrounds are unfortunately very repetitive
Game Over screen
Exchanging friendly conversation with Tymm, local giant guarding the Mountain Pass of the town of Phoenix.
Dungeon exploration. Remove all your equipment - you'll be naked!..
You'll meet many, many women during the course of the game... and please many of them in that specific way
A more interesting world map area with a mysterious tower
Rolf seems tired of farming and banging sheep. Time to go adventuring!
Another day, another similarly-looking town. Checking out some battle options
Some variations on the old theme...
You are tired of those pointless erotic encounters. You just want to have a heart-to-heart talk with some pigs
Buying some stuff. Note the humorous descriptions of the items
The graphics in those scene are quite nice. The dialogue does get a bit weird sometimes...
...Other than that, the text is well-written and often quite funny
You've found a village with cat girls!..
...and you seem to have quite a way with them
Even innkeepers have some amusing dialogue sometimes
You'll see nudity even during some battles!..
You are no racist in your sexual preferences: humans, cat girls, elves - anything goes
Your companions would participate in some dialogues as well
You found a village where everyone is naked!..
This is a town populated only by women! But are you sure you are interested in the two you see on the screen?..
Not all cutscenes are erotic in this game
No Japanese RPG is complete without the obligatory snowy area

FM Towns version

Title screen
The intro shows some upcoming events...
...and introduces characters like this friendly guy
The drunk hero is attacked by bandits...
...and picked up by an old man
Naked hero explores the town :)
Dialogue with a minor NPC
Bandits are trying to rape this girl...
...but you save her and get this reward
Status screen of the naked hero :)
World map
Hit by a slime
Dungeon exploration
Battle in a dungeon
A sudden meeting

PC-98 version

Title screen
Now that's what I call a great intro...
Wow, meow!
Takeru (known in the West as Desmond) is attacked by bandits
The old man takes care of the hero
The naked hero is exploring the town. Ahh, classic gaming! :)
Character information :)
The bandits try to rape a girl!
The girl is resued by you, the hero! She does what women usually do after nearly getting raped: coyly twists her nipple in front of you! Or so Japanese game designers tend to think...
On the world map
Like the English PC DOS version - and unlike the TurboGrafx CD version - the PC-98 version has semi-automatic battles with a side view
Battle in a dungeon
Exploring a dungeon