Konductra Credits (Nintendo DS)

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Konductra Credits

O~3 Entertainment

PresidentChris Jelinek
CFOHanako Watanabe
Marketing ManagerSteven Hosey
Business Development ManagerBen Rinaldi
Quality Assurance ManagerLupe DeLeon
Special ThanksFelice DiMartino, Joseph O'Donnell, Kay Jelinek, Lee Jelinek

oeFun, Inc.

PresidentIan Dunlop
DirectionIan Dunlop
DesignIan Dunlop
ProgrammingIan Dunlop
Art and Graphic DesignMarshal D. Hernandez
MusicRick De Jonge
Sound DesignRick De Jonge
VoiceMachelle Dunlop
PackagingMarshal D. Hernandez
Instruction Booklet Graphic DesignMarshal D. Hernandez
Instruction Booklet TextMachelle Dunlop
PHP Script ProgrammingDavid Biek
Quality AssuranceoeFun QA Team
Special ThanksMachelle and Keelin for their support, Alexandra for everything, Krista, son Ian, and daughter Aria for their support, Trey Ratcliff, Steve Okimoto, the SDSG team, and NOA Lot Check.

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159770) and Ian Dunlop (170)