Konohana 2: Todokanai Requiem Screenshots

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PlayStation 2 version

Main menu.
Game options.
Music player.
School campus.
Meguru is helping Miako post memo on the message board.
Choice selection during dialogues is quite often.
Thinking about Mayumi Shiina, one of the teachers at Konohana high-school.
Seems there's a commotion in front of the message board.
Talking to Shinobu.
Hm, the girl that just bumped into me seemed to have dropped this letter.
Asking professor Shiina if she knows the girl who dropped her notebook.
She looks worried about anyone reading the letter.
Having second thoughts about reading someone else's letter without permission.
Character introduction, Miako Tachibana.
Character introduction, Meguru Momoi.
Main title.
What are police cars doing at the school campus?
Found something on the crime scene, police wasn't thorough enough.
Returning the evidence to a nice lady who reveals to be a cop.
Officer Miwako Kazama seems to be a big fan of you ever since you solved the mystery behind Grim Reaper killings.