Konohana 3: Itsuwari no Kage no Mukou ni Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Main menu
Game options
Konohana school campus
The latest scoop
Miako seems focused on TV commercial
Okay, it's decided, we're going to an amusement park
Talking to the school nurse
Computer chatting with her friends
Opening video contains live footage scenes
Miako just doesn't know how to relax
Some strange person bumped into me... he looks kinda eerie, though
The store owner is worried about Miako rummaging through the items like that
Shinobu's here, now we can go visit the amusement park
It's still early, we have plenty of time to check all the attractions
Miako is on the phone
Yamato looks very happy to see Meguru
Meeting Kai
Zap just got zapped by Miako
Checking some collector cards
Deciding on where to go and what to do next
Miako is feeling hot
Inquiring Kai about what she usually talks about when chatting
Selecting the destination on the map
Taking the ferris wheel ride
Yamato seemed to have taken the ride alone
Yikes, Miako doesn't want to spend 80 minutes just waiting for her turn
Meguru is having regrets about not visiting the pool
Miyabi doesn't look friendly
Miako buying you a small gift
Visiting the haunted house attraction