Konohana 4: Yami o Harau Inori Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Main title.
Opening movie.
Main menu.
Game options.
Shinobu dozed off a bit, not that I mind.
Starting new game.
Remembering events before the trip.
I guess it's nice while it lasts, even if only accidental.
Miako's personality didn't change much.
Murder by poison... but what is the meaning of that paper doll on the ground?
Guess I can't question Suzu if she's in a toilet.
Looking at the photos of a crime scene, hoping to find some clue.
Arriving at Kyoto.
Last stop, time to exit the bullet train.
Fire truck arriving at the scene, but it might be too late.
Some of the students are less polite.
Where should we go from here...
Buying some sweets and presents.
Lost in the bamboo woods, Yuuko is looking at the map.
Something happened to Suzu, she's been robbed.
Chasing after the purse snatcher.
Catching up with the thief.
Talking to the people at the temple.
Checking the things around the temple.
A city at night.
Back at the hotel.
Restaurant is closed, but at least we got to eavesdrop on a conversation between a couple of students.
Suzu lost her glasses... really, every time we bump into her, she's on the floor for some reason or another.
Sudden attack by a stray cat.
Tea party at Suzu's place.