Krakout Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Level 1
Destroyed a block
One of the enemies
Lost a life
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Touch this bee, and you freeze yourself
Level 5

BBC Micro version

Title Screen
Start of the first level. You can choose the direction for the ball launch.
Breaking down the bricks. Some power-ups appear as well as an enemy.
Start of the second level
Game Over

Commodore 64 version

Round 1
One of your enemies
Round 2
Paddle extended
Round 3
Round 4
A bee buzzes past. Touch it and you are frozen
Round 5
The paddle is on the left side now
Lost a life
Game Over

MSX version

Loading screen
Title screen
Options screen
Beginning of level 1
Hit those smiley-like figures
Try to get the ball behind the solid blocks
This level is almost clear
A fresh new level
Hit the monsters for bonuses
Sometimes a letter appears in a block that you hit
Hitting a block that contains a letter give bonuses, like a double size bat to return the ball

Thomson MO version

Title screen
First level
Second level

ZX Spectrum version

What do you think that blue pole is?
Main menu
High scores
Game start
Ready to return the ball
Game over
This should hit several balls before I get it back
The M is a bonus bag to get
Try to avoid those monsters
The ball got stuck here, and started scoring indefinitely