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Krazy Ivan

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SEGA Saturn

Advertising Blurbs
    Boasting one of the most impressive FMV intros ever seen, Krazy Ivan raised more than a few eyebrows on release.

    It plugs the player into a 40-foot armoured suit primed for mass destruction, armed to the teeth and battling over 5 Earth locations against the Sentients - mechanised beasties put on Earth by a mysterious alien race. The Sentients emulate animals seen by the aliens on previous visits.

    Krazy Ivan was the first game to feature depth cueing to give a realistic sense of distance, and the graphics are top notch. Gouraud shaded polygon-based characters complement the graphic armoury, which plunges you into a believable and all-too dangerous world.

    Looking for a top quality blaster? Get Krazy Ivan - you won't be disappointed.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66222) on Oct 04, 2004.