Krazy Ivan Screenshots

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PlayStation version

Intro shot 1. While the acting during the cutscenes is quite poor, the overall direction is rather amusing.
Intro shot 2. The cheesy live action scenes are inter-cut with some OK CG animation.
Intro shot 3. When you see a scene like that, you just know Snake is near: )
Intro shot 4. Hmmm.. come to think of it, Steel Cossack does look a bit like a Metal Gear.
Intro shot 5. Pure bad-ass!
Title screen. As evident from this menu, Krazy Ivan is one of very few games to support PSX link cable.
Mission briefing.
Briefing/loading screen.
Defending myself against a bunch of weird mine-laying robot tanks.
The lovely Katya pops in before every major enemy encounter to warn you of your impending doom.
Pummeled by Raptor's fiery projectiles.
Giant robo-ape!
Fighting the Dwarf...

Windows version

Krazy Ivan (from Intro)
In game, talking to commander