Krebswelte Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen of the first version. The colors are chosen randomly every time the game is launched.
Blowing up walls to make our way through. The locals don't seem too fazed by this.
A mercenary offers his services.
Choose the mercenary to take on this level.
Make your way to the key, then to the exit that opens.
A gun vendor. The guns are generated procedurally, as is the vendor's face.
The people don't do much, apart from saying random things.
Be careful, there's a mine near the key.
The enraged bull charges its way through the blocks.
I slipped and fell off the bottom of the screen.
Title screen, version 1.2
This time, an ammo counter appears above your head.
These turrets don't look too safe... but what's this lightbulb-headed guy's deal?
Using a bomb to clear the way.
Another vendor, another set of guns.
Watch out for that bat.