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Windows version

The game's main menu - this was taken from the demo version of the game
The game's options allow for relationship management as much as screen resolution
The game has a comprehensive tutorial which takes the player through all the options with clear instructions
The start of a game. There are many preset characters to choose from but the demo has only one male and one female. This is Courtney and she's not very happy with life ...
.. she's just turned 20, she's in a dead end job, and it's the players job to make decisions that will change her life.
The game consists of Courtney going to work, coming home with some cash, and then doing something that will improve her life, her relationships with friends, or both
Courtney goes out with a friend. this will make her friend happy which will in turn make Courtney more confident
Courtney can apply for jobs, unfortunately at this stage she's not likely to get many
Evening classes are a good way to meet people and gain confidence
That went well. There's now a note in the Monday slot at the top of the screen for the evening class
I liked this message. This is a game that takes itself seriously.