Kung-Fu Master Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

The loading screen
The title screen
It starts!
High kick!
The boss of the first level.
In the half part of the second level, you have to defend yourself against falling objects that contain animals, dragons or deadly throwing stars.
The boss of the second level who throws a boomerang. Still easy to beat.
Beating those dudes who throw daggers by doing an aerial hit while jumping over their throwing knifes proves to be fun! Though beware, they need two hits..
The giant boss of the third level. Not that hard. Also notice that the deep purple guys grabbed me. Just move left-right very fast to escape from them..
The funny bees of the 4th level.
And the funny gorilla boss. Notice that it can only be killed with low punch. Normally, by using any other move, the player paralyzes but I've noticed a bug that also crashes the game if you try!!!
The final boss! On the CPC version of the game, I still haven't found a logical way to beat him. It's just pure luck and hitting the keyboard for several minutes ;P

Apple II version

Title screen.
Getting into the action...
....surrounded, maybe not?
Incoming dagger!

Arcade version

Game story
Title screen
Floor 1
Face kick
Face punch

Atari 2600 version

Title screen
Incoming bad guys!
Ducking a knife that was thrown at you
The first end of level boss
Dragons, be careful!

Atari 7800 version

Title screen
Dagger thrower on first floor.
You'll get tired of these guys.
First floor boss.

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Game options
Gameplay on the first level
Ducking a thrown knife
The boss at the end of level one
Watch out for dragons!
Fighting a boomerang throwing enemy

NES version

Title screen
Japan Title screen
On the first level
Avoid the knife!
Dragons and other creatures can slow your progress
Smack, hit in the head with a boomerang!
Try to save Sylvia
Bad guys can be tall or small
Staple enemies - they come in packs.
High kick.
When enemies grab you they drain your energy
Knife thrower - that's gotta hurt!
1st boss.
Staircase left.
Dragon with firebreath.
2nd boss throws boomerangs.
Interlude - Thomas has to save Silvia from Mr.X
Pack of gnomes.
3rd boss kicking Thomas.
Gnomes have learnt the barrel-roll.
Wizard-boss losing his head! (re-grows instantly)
Knife-throwers - usually they come in pairs
Martial arts expert boss.
Silvia saved at last.
...but not for long.
4some scene - a pack of enemies grabbing Thomas.
You can defeat several baddies with one kick.

ZX Spectrum version

1st level - final boss (flying kick).
1st level - final boss (flying knock-out).
1st level - completed.
2nd level - vase and ball containing snake and dragon.
2nd level - "confetti ball" explosion
2nd level - "confetti ball" vengeance (Saturday Night Fever)
2nd level - shorty flip and Bruce Long's doom.
2nd level - boss with boomerang about to be knocked out.
2nd level - boss with boomerang not about to be knocked out but really knocked out. (what's that sound behi..)
2nd level completed.
3rd level - The Way of the Intercepting FIST! I (cut this frame and the other two and make your own animated GIF!! PUZZOW!!)
3rd level - The Way of the Intercepting FIST! II (CALL 123 NOW for special offer)
3rd level - The Way of the Intercepting FIST! III (screaming shout!!)
3rd level - finished.
The loading screen
Game menu. The player can choose a level.
Starting position at Level 1.
Player kicks a bit too early.
A knife thrower throws a knife.
Dragons and snakes at Level 2.
Player is knocked down by an exploding confetti ball.
Bees and tom toms at Level 4. Note the mixed colors at sprite collision.
4th level - final boss.
4th level - final boss... final bosses.
4th level - final bosses... no more.
4th level - completed.
5th level - (Get out of here! Shoo! I already told ya I don't need any more channels!)
5th level - Final showdown. Your brother... how c'ud he?
5th level - (glory of dove singing)
5th level - (glory of love, dove! still singing - chorus)
5th level - completed - (Bruce Long lowering his hand into her bu...)