Kuro no Danshō: The Literary Fragment Screenshots

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PC-98 version

Title screen
Main menu
Suzusaki's office
The hero, Satoshi Suzusaki
Memories from the past...
The gruesome murder reconstruction
The game doesn't spare disturbing details
Dramatic situation...
Seduction begins
Some scenes have a unique beauty to them
If it weren't a Japanese adult game, I'd say "get up and put something on, you brat!"
Two ways of interaction
Atmospheric scene
The game plunges more into the occult...
Suzusaki does what he does best...
Lesbian sex scene
House on fire...
Asuka is impatient
The obligatory "seduce the underage girl" scene
You can remove your glasses now :)
Horror and eroticism at once
Not everyone you meet are pretty girls
She looks shy... but not for long :)
Some places are very dark
You talkin' to me?!..
Some scenes are viewed from weird angles
Dig the lingerie!
Cute pose...
Over-the-top eroticism
Decision point
Typical horror theme
Get ready to see such disturbing stuff...
Decide what to do, hero...
Click on the cigarette to get this description
Yeah, I hear you...
Now, let's help you get out of these pants...
Suzusaki's favorite position?..

SEGA Saturn version

At Suzusaki's office