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Each case starts with a briefing.
Arriving at the murder scene.
During the game, the backstory of the main character is revealed via flashbacks.
Searching for a clues in a victim's place.
In the middle of a brawl
Let's see what is in that pocket...
Now that is a nice find which deserves proper inspection.
Some clues are hidden in paper sources.
Chasing the criminal on foot.
No one can run from the hands of justice ...
As an L.A. cop, you can confiscate almost any vehicle.
Most pursuits result in shooting the criminal's car tires.
... or his crash.
You should judge the answer by a person's behavior and reaction.
During the investigations, you'll have to contact the operator for information.
Sometimes you'll have to decide who of the suspects should be charged guilty. Choose wisely.
Choosing a question during an interrogation.
Though being right in the middle of uncanny valley, the animation and face capture systems leave other games in the dust.
Not all interrogations bring the desired result.
The travels by car are essential parts of the game to hear the conversations with your partner, but it's possible to skip them.
The more damage you take, the less saturated the world becomes.
You certainly can't miss the head.
Result of a quick firefight.
That's why a cop should always have his guns greased.
A second before the bullets start flying.
Discovered landmarks are briefly introduced on the in-game map.
The new outfits are unlocked during the game and some of them are more beneficial than others.
Using a car the first time unlocks it in the showroom.
Those papers provide very important background information to the main story.
The case-related locations are listed in your notebook.
Trailing suspects involves various tricks, like reading a paper in order in hide your face.
Sometimes you don't have to ask citizens for their opinion.
Investigating a crime scene.
Each partner has distinctive traits.
Searching for a clues. Or what is left of them.
Puzzles are easier to figure out than the people they involve.
An arson desk detective should have a really strong stomach.
Stats of a successfully finished case.
Unlocked vehicle in the showroom