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L.A. Noire

L.A. Noire Screenshots

PlayStation 3 version

Main title.
Main menu.
Opening introduction to L.A. in late 1940s.
Missions as a police officer serve to get you acquainted with controls and various game elements.
Searching the crime scene for clues... seems like something bad happened in this alley.
You can rotate and zoom-in on the clues to get additional information.
The city map of Los Angeles.
Taking the initiative on the lead and following up on the serial number of the gun found at the crime scene.
Check the mailbox area to find out apartment number you are looking for.
Use covers during the gunfights, don't stay in the open for too long.
Showdown with the bank robbers.
Between cases, cutscenes will follow the store of Cole and Kelso during World War II.
You'll have to learn how to read people's faces during your questioning and interrogations.
All cases start with a noir black and white title (you can even play the game in black and white mode).
Cole is eager to start his new case as a detective.
Finding out the victim's identity by checking the pockets.
This knife near the hit and run crime scene is rather conspicuous.
Detective Phelps can be quite charming when trying to get his questions answered.
Check out the newspapers to see cinematics depicting the headlines.
Questioning the bartender... when you read the person correctly, it'll reward you with score and tokens that will reduce number of choices for reading someone during your questioning.
Cole doesn't agree with how his superior is handling the murder cases.
You can instruct your partner to drive which will give you cinematic camera view during driving and skip to the location when there is nothing to talk about.
Following the bloody trail all the way to the roof.
In the captain's office... the new case is afoot.
Camera will show more of the city while your partner is driving the vehicle.
Talking to the coroner about the time of death.
Use your police siren to clear the road and avoid collisions when you're in a hurry.
Checking the bowling place, strictly business, you can only watch.
During the car chase, your partner will try to shoot at the suspect car's tires if you're in good position.
Some special cars are quite fast and agile so tailing a suspect shouldn't be too hard.
Something's fishy about these popcorn cups lying around.
Chasing a suspect on foot... you can tackle him if you're close enough.
Dodge the punches then hit him in the teeth.
When you're accusing someone of lying, you'll always have to backup your words with an actual proof.
Humphrey Bogart, Clark Gable, Gene Tierney... looks like nobody uses their real names in this hotel but some are still a bit more conspicuous than the other.
Every detective case starts with a briefing.
As a cop, you can destroy the city if it is in the line of duty, but you'll be charged for the damage when the case is over.
There will come a point when the car will stop responding to your commands, but after every location it'll be miraculously repaired.
During your driving you can change the camera to wheel view only, for whatever purpose can that be.
The game starts with you heading to secure the crime scene
It's easy to rotate the camera when your partner is driving the car
If he's not going to cooperate, we'll have to teach him a lesson
Securing the crime scene
Cole is not sure about the coroner's report
It's hard to tell if she's lying or just hiding something
Barman might've witnessed the accident on the street
Following the patrol car to the trainyard
Talking to people will unlock new locations
Hope your partner's a good shot
A brief case when you get to control Jack instead of Cole Phelps