Lancer Lords Screenshots

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

The title screen
The game begins with just the player on screen
Soon the other combatants appear
Got one. Now to destroy the egg

ZX Spectrum version

Loading Screen
Title Screen
The Lancer Lord you control materializes on the centre platform.
Hammering the flap button enables you to fly higher.
If you hit the enemy from above you win if you're below however you will lose.
When the enemy is hit they turn into an egg which must be smashed quickly otherwise it will turn back into an enemy Lancer Lord
Let's start level 2.
No platforms to hide now.
One already is going to bite the dust. Incredible how strong these eggs are to resist such impact from these heights.
The moment a flying ostrich regresses to become an egg. And how about the Lancer Lord himself? Shouldn't he regress too to an embryo?...
...The philosophy is to fill the descriptions, I think you already had noticed that.
An important shot showing the blowing of the vapours of an ostrich when in panic. No seriously, it's a propulsion system... like cuttlefish do in water...
The next level, floors became corrosive, or whatever kind of danger that green stuff may be.
The following level is absent of platforms except for the pedestal in the centre + the dangerous green sea.
A traffic of Lancer Lords on Friday noon.
This can only be truly appreciated being seen on a wide LCD... It's a Kung fu double attack. Notice the egg falling into a corrosive doom.
Easter time.
The magentas are like Phoenixes. Their eggs are resistant to the green stuff.
Tired of playing. It's all the same thing. Even though this is a complete clone of Joust, the game features additional difficulty when flying.
First Loading Screen.