The Lands of Havoc Screenshots

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Title screen and difficulty select (Medium resolution 620x200, 4 colors)
The graphics reminds of the Spectrum
Running through the woods
To the desert where the scorpions live
This key is quite big
Sprite flickering in a game by Steve Bak? Unbelievable, but this is one of his very early ST games.
Found the book of chance
Title screen (Monochome monitor, 640x400)
The scorpions in even more reduced amount of colors
Spooky ghosts around
Some knights in the castle
Wow, what a big treasure chest. What may be inside?

Commodore 64 version

Title screen.
Order of the map.
Let's get rid of The Dark Lords.
The desert.
Kill the monsters.
Found the Book of Change. On to the next item.