Lands of Lore: Guardians of Destiny Screenshots

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DOS version

Title screen
Main menu
The intro begins with a lovely view of a peaceful village...
...and soon demonstrates the smooth combination of computer graphics and live actors
The game starts here. Luther doesn't really know what to do yet and chooses to aimlessly wave a stalagmite here and there. Use it as a weapon, dummy!
You sneak on this live-action guard and are about to bring him down
Luther is hurt, there is blood on his face. Maybe he should actually fight that giant spider instead of opening his inventory for a MobyGames screenshot capture next time
Physical puzzle: stack crates on top of each other to reach a secret area
FMV cutscene, again with an actress and a strange beast co-existing
Draracle's hall. The skeleton looks tired
You can smash those vases - maybe there are items inside. This looks like an interesting museum...
The automap looks great and is very useful, indeed
I reached an optional chamber with an axe. Now, how do I get it?..
As a lizard you can crawl through narrow passages. Beware of the foes there, though!
Yup, that must hurt. Then again, why did you attack him? He looks like a rare, endangered feline species
The guard to Huline village chats with you
You explore the Hive Caves. You decide to cast your summon spell to match the lava with stylish pink
Some locations are displayed as pre-rendered images with "jumping" navigation, like in Myst-style adventure games. This screenshot also illustrates the possibility to kill any character you encounter
Only a portion of the Huline village can be explored in true 3D...
...while the rest reverts to the adventure-like format. This shop is an exquisitely decorated pre-rendered image
The game is full of atmospheric locations. Being pursued by a bluish ghost in these ruins is genuinely creepy
Savage Jungle. It's dark, and you meet some interesting characters
Beautiful sky over cemetery. You have morphed into your Beast form and prepare to attack some zombies
As a lizard, you enter ominous caves with strange creatures
Claw Mountains - beautiful icy environment. Though probably not the best place to test this new spell of yours
The Citadel is a rather annoying level. Pesky creatures would attack and then suddenly disappear, leaving those nice-looking, but deadly traps
Beautiful lighting and intricate art in the Huline Temple
Nice view over the City of Ancients
A FMV depicting the ride in the lavishly decorated transportation system of the City
You can now explore the large, mysterious abandoned city on foot
Rising platforms and changing terrain on the way to the mysterious chamber
Exploring a cool-looking lab
You got poisoned in those dark caves, and attacked by two giant spiders. Maybe you should have just stayed at home
I think Belial should work on his social skills. Removing scary skulls from the entrance to his chamber would be a good start
Luther is killed in a hard boss battle
One of the final levels. Let's stop for a moment and see all the splendid equipment, items, and spells we have acquired!

Windows version

Main Title
Main Menu
Gladstone Keep where you're imprisoned (intro animation)
At the beginning you'll get all the help you'll need.
Inventory can have up to 9 pieces of each content.
Riding a dragon is truly a magnificent scene.
Trying sparking effects in the Huline jungle.
Area map (can be zoomed in/out, checked for up/down levels, mark some spot...)
Monastery main hall
Mistress Dawn is in the library, but seems there are no book that could help you lift the curse.
Shooting arrows toward Ruloi Temple, a pretty dangerous place.
If you think this is for intimidation, you're absolutely right, as Ruloi Temple is a harsh place to survive.
The inner circle of the City of the Ancients where another unfinished replica of Belial awaits you.
This scene you'll only see if you twist your destiny and become evil. Dawn will try to seduce you and kill you... of course, she won't make it alive.
Belial (on the left) and Draracle (on the right).
(with 3d acc.) Gladstone guards are searching Draracle's caves since you escaped the dungeon.
(with 3d acc.) As a lizzard, your magic ability is way increased.
(with 3d acc.) Most creatures aren't fighting ones, for example, this mindless zombie won't attack you first.
(with 3d acc.) Beside better look, 3d acc. darkens picture quite a bit, but guess that's for shadowing system, huh?
(with 3d acc.) Beast form is the slowest one, and alter in the game, not even that strong comparing to some weapons.
(with 3d acc.) City of the Ancient was beneath the ocean before you raised it above water level.
(with 3d acc.) The statue of Belial could mean that you're close to another Belial replica.
(with 3d acc.) Summoning the demon.
(with 3d acc.) Belial creates an image of your mother, Scotia, to keep you ocupied while he gets dressed.
(with 3d acc.) Dawn awaits you at the cave's entrance for some news of missing huline girl.

Official Screenshots

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  • Lands of Lore: Guardians of Destiny Screenshot
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  • Lands of Lore: Guardians of Destiny Screenshot
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