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Larva Mortus

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This is an absolutely fabulous offering and one that demands a look. Download the demo and give it a try - once you're blasting away and levelling up, I know you won't be able to resist. Get in there and do the monster mash...
WindowsIndie Game Magazine
The setting for the game offers a unique angle that very few video games ever take a look at, save perhaps for CastleVania. It’s rather refreshing, and if you’re intrigued by the whole 1800s Van Helsing-style monster hunter adventures then Larva Mortus will certainly appeal to you as it’s well-animated, if low-budget, cutscenes provide an entertaining glimpse at the world around the dungeons.
WindowsOut Of Eight
I like Larva Mortus. The action is constant, the random levels keep you guessing, the interface is intuitive, and the blood is definitely flowing. The game provides an array of weapons to use and the presentation, despite being in 2-D, is good thanks to quality background music. Larva Mortus isn’t without its problems: you must destroy every enemy before moving on to the next room, all progress is lost if you die, and the AI isn’t terribly smart. This makes the game repetitive in the end, but it’s still an enjoyable ride as you go through the storyline, encountering new enemies and gaining new weapons. In all, Larva Mortus is the very definition of a “buy it if you like the genre” game: fans of the genre will be pleased, but people who don’t like action shooters won’t find enough to start liking them now.
Défoulant, de bonne facture, bénéficiant d'une ambiance réussie, Larva Mortus est un petit jeu d'action qu'on a envie d'aimer... mais qui, au final, est plus décevant que réellement addictif. Pour quelques euros de moins, il décrochait sans problème un point de plus, mais à ce prix-là, difficile de vous conseiller sans réserve ce titre, honnête mais répétitif et limité.