Laser Dolphin Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Titles screen.
Game mode select.
Level select.
Intro cartoon.
Beginning of the adventure.
Learning to swim above and below.
Jumping out of the water is lots of fun.
Diving deep to collect treasure.
Level complete! Let's see how well I did.
Blew up an enemy mine.
Shooting lasers at a mine.
These sentries take quite a few hits.
This sandy terrain has its own dangers.
TNT packing turtle.
This fish shoots missiles.
I hate the bombing runs these birds do.
This swimming sentry shoots in all sorts of directions.
If I just left the electric eel alone he probably wouldn't be so mad at me.
Travelling to Conglacio IV (cutscene)
This planet is pretty cold! Hey what are seagulls doing on this planet?
RoboShark. Part Robot, part shark, all jerk.
Arright a lightsaber!
Travelling to Volcan II
This water feels a bit warm. I wonder if it's the volcanoes or if someone just peed in here recently.
My homing missile takes aim.
You can tell which dolphin's the evil one because of the eyes.
Entering the alien home world.
This place seems a bit more populated.
Being this close to an explosion naturally hurt me.
Racing challenge.
Level construction.
I'm taking the steps. One of the few parts where you actually feel bad for the dolphin.