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Critic Reviews

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VIC-20Commodore User (Dec, 1983)
This is what your 16K RAM is for. 31 levels of difficulty? I can't cope.
VIC-20Commodore User (Nov, 1983)
This is the most difficult game we have come across so far; but the superb graphics, sound and colour ensure that you are committed to return to this exhilarating arcade quality game frequently. [+8K]
ZX SpectrumCrash! (Apr, 1984)
"'For players who like shoot em ups and have become bored by the usual 'Galaxian' or 'Phoenix' format, this game should prove a winner. The very speed of play makes it difficult to master, before one even goes on to talk about controlling two different lasers at once..."
ZX SpectrumSinclair User (May, 1984)
"The game is enjoyable and extremely addictive. The graphics may not be so good as on the more powerful machines which support sprites, but it is essential for any arcade fan who wants something different to fire at for a change."