The Last Blade Screenshots

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Arcade version

Title screen
Player select
Simple kick
Brutal slash
Ice power
Hack in leg
Yuki's speech
Akari uses stick
Naginata is just better than stick
Zantetsu missed Yuki
Wrong side of weapon
Zantetsu's speech
Knife in crotch
Death from above!
Frozen Lee
Second player joins to game
Good slash is bloody!
Moriya use blade to deadly circle
Juzoh uses club
Moriya's speech
Shykioh does fan
Talk to the hand!
Akari escapes to hole
Special attack
Okina is fisherman
Okina's speech

Neo Geo version

Main menu
How to Play
Character Selection
Fighting Amano
Amano is down
Fighting Yuki
Yuki is down
Fighting Kaede
Kaede puts his sword through Lee
Fighting Okima
A cinematic sequence
Fighting Akari
Lee is trapped in the gold statue
Akari uses a special attack
Akari wins
Fighting Washizuka
Lee has drawn a lot of blood from Washizuka's swing
Fighting Moriya
Fighting Shigen
Shigen is about to pound Lee onto some spikes
Shigen is down
Fighting Musashi
Fighting Kasami
Game Over
After several hits made in Yuki by a magical monster, Akari can now finish her DM ShikiGami Rikugou.
Shikyoh submits Kaede to a true bloody torture with his SDM Wild Hunger Wallop! And he laughs...
Zantetsu hits Yuki with the DM Toro Soujin: the final result of his super move is some bloody too...
Stabbing his sword in the ground, Musashi launches his Kanketsu Sen in Kaede: immediate impact!
Beware: Hyper Kagami's SDM Konpeki no Mokin is a powerful non-stop diving attack!
That's messy, Shikyoh is causing pain to Akari
Look, a little dialogue between Akari and Juzoh
Akari clones

PlayStation version

Title screen (Japanese)
Character selection
Versus screen
Using some accurate, Juzoh stomp-damages Keichiro Washizuka with his club-shaking move GouDanShou.
Moriya counterattacks Okina with a sword-slashing move, but the old-timer is about to "parry" it...
Akari trapping Zantetsu through her dropping-bell move Gaiki KiyoHime: he's in a huge big trouble...
Zantetsu hit-attacks Kaede with his Kikou Hou: a short-range energy blast was offensively threw...
Main menu
Shikyoh takes advantage of Amano's open guard and attacks with his chest-bloody move Weasel's Slash.
Shigen counterattacks... and causes some stomp-smashing damage in Yuki through his move Hisui Sai!
Akari punch-attacks Lee trying to hit-stop his flaming-fan move En Sen Shou. And her attempt fails!
Executing his dashing-uppercut move Keima no Taka, Amano tries to hit-stop Shigen's move Byakko So.
Akari wins
Washizuka attempts to use his sword-flashing move Shikku Satsu in Yuki, but she counterattacks him!
During her move HyouKyou, Yuki creates a hit-attacking disc of ice... and she gets to damage Shigen!
Juzoh fails in trying to attack Lee with his grabbing-throwing move Fugaku: it's counterattack time!
Shikyoh fails in his counterattack: then, he's wrapped by Zantetsu's vanishing move Tenma Otoshi...

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