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    Goal of the Game
    The goal of Last Call is to earn tips. To earn tips, you must mix drinks quickly and accurately, as well as deal with your customers. Drinks range in difficulty from the no-brainer vodka shot, to the Alabama Slammer. Last Call features twenty patrons, each with distinct personalities and quirks. As with life, there are other more subtle goals. These will become more apparent as you play and enjoy Last Call.

    Your evening is divided into "shifts" or "levels." Last Call features over a dozen levels. Each level sports progressively harder recipes, and customers become more impatient. Successfully completing a level takes you to the Bonus Free Shot Round, which tests how quickly you can serve simple shots. If you manage to keep up, you will earn great money and learn the location of ingredients.

    Later shifts feature harder recipes, new outrageous customers, and over-the-top antics. In the unlimited Drink Specials Mode you can practice any recipe and earn tips while learning the location of all the ingredients and tools.

    Mixing Drinks
    As the Last Call bartender you have a full bar at your disposal. To master the game you must learn a number of bartending techniques, as well as some popular and not-so-popular recipes. Level One begins with easy drinks and sufficient time to consult the recipe book. Hone your skills early - you will need the speed.

    Dealing with Customers
    Managing your customers is a big part of bartending. By using the buttons on the bottom of the screen, you may interact with your customers - carding, flirting, taking their order, serving their drink, handing them drink tickets, and bouncing. The vibe is in your hands. As the night progresses, your crowd will get rowdier and more interesting.

    Contributed by jean-louis (32020) on Jul 15, 2015.

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    The Time: 2:00 am The Place: Downtown at the LAST CALL! Lounge

    You've slammed em' Down... Now Serve em' up!

    Sure we know. You think you're a real master of mixology- Kahuna of Cocktails, the Baron of Blotto, The Sultan of Swill. But just because you've prayed to the porcelain god doesn't mean you have what it takes to serve it's legion of disciples. For a challenge that's straight up and over the top, slip behind the bar at the LAST CALL Lounge-the one place where everyone can't get enough of what you've got. And since liquor is quicker you'll feel the need for speed, because the more accurately you pour, the higher your customers-and your tips-become. If you earn enough tips, you'll make it to the last call and ride the stale ether of your liquor soaked lounge all the way to bartender's heaven.

    Contributed by ROFLBLAH (379) on Jun 22, 2000.