Last Ninja 2: Back with a Vengeance Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen.
Level 1 - the Park.
The balcony.
First fight.
You'll need a key to open this gate.
The toilets.
Jump to the ledge and get the staff.
You must jump on the boat to get to the other side.
Small island.
The streets of New York.
Wait for the green light!
You must destroy the door to get inside.
The shop.
Level 3 - The sewers.
Use the sword for killing the enemies.
Climbing the ladder.
The alligator awaits you in a doorway.
Level 4 - The Basement.
You must find the way to past that trolley.
In the warehouse.
The laboratory.
Level 5 - The office block.
The ventilator.
Walking outside the office block.
Get to the copter to finish this level.
Level 6 - Mountain Hideaway.
Inside the mansion.

Amstrad CPC version

The beginning
Ninja killed
Number of lives
Proceeded to the next room
Ninja vs. Ninja
Got him
Could this chain be the ticket out of here?
Level 1, "The Park": The Nunchaku.
(Armakuni blushes, afraid of being seen inside the women's toilet room)
Level 1, "The Park": 1st Boat. Just a precise jumping, a running along wasps, another precise jumping, and another boat and another more precise jumping to complete the level. Piece of cake.
Level 2, "The Streets": Starting Point.
- Boy, how I miss the quietude of the country...
Level 2, "The Streets": The Gyms door.
(knocking) - It's the pizza guy, come quick or it gets cold, come, come...
Level 2, "The Streets": The Gym.
- Isn't this the place where Balboa trained his punches?
Level 2, "The Streets": Eat's.
Dodging a blow.
Level 2, "The Streets": Drug Store.
Smashing the opponent with the deadliest Katana blow.
Level 2, "The Streets": Hot Dog Cart.
Running for the Sewers.
Level 2, "The Streets": The Manhole passage.
It's time for the next level.
Level 3, "The Sewers": Transition level screen.
Level 3, "The Sewers": Down to the Sewers.
Level 3, "The Sewers": Band on the Run.
Level 3, "The Sewers": The Manhole key.
- Ops, a dead end ladder.
Level 3, "The Sewers": Confrontation.
Level 3, "The Sewers": Deadly Entrances.
Which entrance is not the deadly one?
Level 3, "The Sewers": Is it a... Crocodile?
...Or an Alligator...?
Level 4, "The Basement": Starting Point.
Level 4, "The Basement": The Chickens Leg .
- If there's a dish laying there with a chicken leg, where's the animal?... Or maybe... nahh!!
Level 4, "The Basement": The fork-lift.
Level 4, "The Basement": Electrified trails.
Inner Circle shouting to Armakuni: - You can do it master, believe in yourself!!!
Level 4, "The Basement": The Duel.
Throwing a lethal Shuriken.
Level 4, "The Basement": Something is missing...
What is it? Good thing this is not the DOS version otherwise I would be already inside the cougar's stomach.
Level 4, "The Basement": Cougar's tamed.
I think it's a Black Panther... I guess C64's version (original) definitely answers this question.
Level 4, "The Basement": To the Office...
(original Lalo Schifrin's "Impossible Mission" main theme)
Level 5, "The Office": Starting Point.
Exhibiting the arts of camouflaging.
Level 5, "The Office": Main Computer.
Register the main computer's password.
Level 5, "The Office": The Hallway.
Level 5, "The Office": After Hours.
- So, what do you do after finishing your shift? I just have to beat a few some more bad dudes and then I'm absolutely free...
Level 5, "The Office": Secret Door.
- Toilet!!
Level 5, "The Office": The Outside of the Building.
A dangerous vertiginous fight.
Level 5, "The Office": Ladder to the roof.
Another bodyguard awaits at the roof armoured with a .
Level 5, "The Office": Inner Circle salvation.
One attempt, one life.
Level 6, "The Mansion": The rope.
- I like this painting... Kandinsky?
Level 6, "The Mansion": The Kitchen
Without a rope I couldn't possibly be here without having triggered the alarm of falling from the food elevator.
Level 6, "The Mansion": Secret Passage.
This warrior was guarding a place where a vase with a big plant was camouflaging something...
Level 6, "The Mansion": Switch on.
The secret passage lead to this cellar. The next door is filled with traps, although not deadly ones.
Level 6, "The Mansion": Meditation.
Armakuni meditates to achieve glory for his final mission.
Level 6, "The Mansion": Secret Code.
Remember the main computer with a password which was told not to forget?
Level 6, "The Mansion": Final Cut.
Armakuni gives the final blow to Kunitoki sheathing his blade with the blood of vengeance.
Level 6, "The Mansion": ...Third Chapter
The Way of the Shadow Warrior was reinstated to is former glory. For now...

Atari ST version

Title screen
Level on: The park
The starting location
One of the bad guys
He killed me
In the basement
An enemy armed with a stick
Killed by a juggler

BBC Micro version

Loading Screen.
Title Screen.
Level 1, "The Park": Title screen level.
Level 1, "The Park": Transporting assets area.
While Armakuni was awakening from his unconsciousness he noticed he was surrounded by objects that resembled musical instruments.
Level 1, "The Park": Backstage.
The key for the gate lies ahead.
Level 1, "The Park": A fight with a thug disguised as a Policeman.
Level 1, "The Park": The .
There is a new necessary object to be found to allow the ninja to climb certain structures, therefore to reach this scenario.
Level 1, "The Park": Platforms in a river.
Comparing with the other versions, the boat was substituted by platforms.
Level 1, "The Park": Cluster of platforms.
Again, the boat was substituted with this cluster of platforms on the BBC version.
Level 1, "The Park": Level complete.
Level 2, "The Street": Title screen level.
Level 2, "The Street": Starting Point.
Level 2, "The Street": Oriental store doorman.
A thug is defending the entrance to this place, where the sabre is located.
Level 2, "The Street": The Oriental store.
I think it is a store, or could it be a gym-store? Or a store-gym? A Yakuza recreation center maybe?
Level 2, "The Street": Eat's.
"Eat's" exist all over the world.
Level 2, "The Street": Phone booth.
This is where Armakuni changes his clothing and becomes civil.
Level 2, "The Street": Unknown door.
This is where Armakuni makes his escapades during the night.
Level 2, "The Street": The Manhole.
One step to go down "The Sewers".
Level 3, "The Sewers": Title screen level.
Level 3, "The Sewers": Starting point.
Level 3, "The Sewers": Manhole key.
Level 3, "The Sewers": A tough fight.
Taking a beating.
Level 3, "The Sewers": Kunitoki's Ninjas
If the last fight was tough, this one is concrete.
Level 3, "The Sewers": Which door?
- Man, you guys are all sensitive... I was just asking your mate if you belong to the same clan of Scorpion, or simply like to dress as women...
Level 3, "The Sewers": The eternal question, Alligator or Crocodile?
Level 4, "The Cellar": Title screen level.
Level 4, "The Cellar": Starting Point.
Level 4, "The Cellar": The Chicken's leg.
- Don't they have any refrigerators around?
Level 4, "The Cellar": Container's jumping.
No thug blocking the passage in this version.
Level 4, "The Cellar": Illegal stuff.
- I wonder what these apparatus are meant for...
Level 4, "The Cellar": Merchandise.
- Most probably they are profiting on some illegal operations...
Level 4, "The Cellar":!
- Tell me pal, are they feeding you properly?... (hesitation) Do you have any kinship with Homer Simpson?
Level 4, "The Cellar": Elevator room.
The passage to "The Office". Only with the special card found at the beginning of the level.
Level 5, "The Office": Title screen level.
Level 5, "The Office": Starting point.
Level 5, "The Office": Password.
Level 5, "The Office": The Hall.
- A Shuriken awaiting to be picked... What it is typewritten over there? (vague allusion to Shining)
Level 5, "The Office": Diversion.
Good looking office but nothing useful. Every piece of energy has to be preserved. There was a confrontation previously, wasting a life of the player.
Level 5, "The Office": Special Katana.
The Katana is merely decorative, although it makes the connection to a secret passage
Level 5, "The Office": Access to the facade.
This door leads to the outside of the building and the security increases as we are getting close to the roof.
Level 5, "The Office": Intense Fights outside.
More two scenarios to go through before the escaping flight on the roof. There are more thugs waiting for us before that.
Level 6, "Kunitoki Castle": Title screen level.
Level 6, "Kunitoki Castle": Starting Point.
The Inner Circle transported Armakuni to the roof of Kunitoki's Castle.
Level 6, "Kunitoki Castle": Swift entrance.
Like a lightning through the window, Armakuni flashes a Shuriken directly to the heart of Scorpion...
Level 6, "Kunitoki Castle": Insight.
A few moments of meditation. Armakuni feels he is very close to Kunitoki's domains.
- Man, last day I asked your bro the same question about Scorpio and he also acted like this... you guys must be frustrated or something...
Level 6, "Kunitoki Castle": Like a feline.
Like a mute arrow Armakuni goes straight to his nemesis chamber.
Level 6, "Kunitoki Castle": Showdown.
Armakuni being beaten up. Kunitoki has to be situated in the centre of the pentagon to be defeated.
Victory: "Kunitoki lies here defeated".

Commodore 64 version

Title screen.
First level - Central Park.
The balcony.
First fight.
You'll need a key to open this gate.
Deadly juggler.
Climbing to the top of the building.
Kunitoki's guards are controlling everything in New York... even the toilets.
Level 2 intro
Second level - The streets.
Wait for green light or... will be killed.
Beat the evil ninja and take sword from the wall.
Level 3 intro
Third level - The sewers.
Avoid the giant spiders and rats.
Level 4 intro
The office.
The warehouse.
Outside the mansion.
The ventilator.
Level 5 intro
Fifth level - The Office Block.
Level 6 intro
Level 7 intro

DOS version

Title screen
Level 1 - The Park
The start screen
First encounter
Watch out, he's got nunchakas
And he's got a staff
Park scenery
Hey, when do I get weapons?
Hmm, why is he defending toilets?
Ninjitsu CGA style
Level 1, "The Park": climbing the fence.
Level 1, "The Park": The .
Finding a very useful martial weapon.
Level 1, "The Park": The Shuriken.
That trash bin might have something very interesting inside.
Level 1, "The Park": The Joggler.
Appearances will deceive you.
Level 1, "The Park": The Nunchaku.
- A true Ninja gotta do what a true Ninja gotta do...
(sound of splashing in the toilet looking for something)
Level 1, "The Park": The Boat don't stops.
Very acrobatic manoeuvre .
Level 1, "The Park": The Bees.
Better run Armakuni.
Level 1, "The Park": The 2nd Boat.
Stick it!
Level 1, "The Park": Almost there.
Level 2, "The Street": tittle screen.
Level 2, "The Street": Starting Point
Level 2, "The Street": Katana.
- Paying homage to the Elders represented by their armours... what's that shining good looking thing over there?
Level 2, "The Street": Ambush.
Waiting for the precise timing to throw a Shuriken.
Level 2, "The Street": Rain of Bricks.
Cat reflexes dodging a thrown brick.
Level 2, "The Street": Entering the sub-word of "The Sewers".
Level 3, "The Sewers": Title screen.
Level 3, "The Sewers": Starting Point.

Level 3, "The Sewers": My pal .
My adversary is going to awake with a major headache.
Level 3, "The Sewers": Probable Smell.
Level 3, "The Sewers": The magic bottle.
- Do I look like a star or what?
Level 3, "The Sewers": The Crocodile.
- (mumbling something) ...easy boy, you take it easy and stay there... bsch bsch bsch...
Level 4, "The Basement": Title Screen.
Level 4, "The Basement": Starting Point.
Another Ninja's day life (sounds of neck stretching).
Level 4, "The Basement": Special Food.
- Lets make this clean and simple: Do you wanna do this the hard way or the hard way?
Level 4, "The Basement": Electrified Trails.
- My Ninja trainings says that those charred cockroaches near the trail mean something... hum...
Level 4, "The Basement": Istambul... is it?
A explosion of smells of spices.
Level 4, "The Basement": The Cougar.
- Come here Kitty Kitty, bsch bsch bsch... (imitating the cat meows during the rut)
Level 4, "The Basement": Special Card.
Unlocking the access to the special floors.
Level 5, "The Office": Title screen.
Level 5, "The Office": Typewriters.
(Armakuni gets the shivers) - "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy", typewritten in every sheet of paper...
Tribute to Shining
Level 5, "The Office": another Room.
- There's someone lying on the floor. Is anybody out there?
Level 6, "The Mansion": Title Screen.
Level 6, "The Mansion": Passage to the Kitchen.
- Mam, excuse me, I cannot concentrate myself any longer. Where may I order some sushi? I'm tired of eating junk food during the all game.
Level 6, "The Mansion": Steam Heating System.
- Let's not forget to bring some Chestnuts the next time...
Level 6, "The Mansion": Hidden Passage.
Last Level, "The Final Battle": Title screen.
Last Level, "The Final Battle": Meditation.
(I wont fail my ancestors nor The Inner Circle
Last Level, "The Final Battle": Showdown.
Armakuni cutsKunitoki in two with the swiftness and precision of a razed sheet of paper
... until the next Last Ninja, the third

NES version

Title Screen 1
Title Screen 2
Option to start a new game or continue an old one.
Screen announcing your current location.
Where you start out.
Fighting with an enemy.
An enemy lays defeated.
Going to grab a key.
Level 1, "The Park": The Joggler.
Any relation with this dangerous joggler and the Mexican Calacas I'm not sure if it's coincidental.
Level 1, "The Park": Women's toilet strategy (Nunchaku).
- There's a guy inside retouching himself for more than 1/2 an hour...
- I'll be a man and go to the ladies'...
Level 1, "The Park": The Boat.
(sounds of Armakuni trying really hard to reach the boat with his )
Level 1, "The Park": Passage to "The Street".
Level 2, "The Street": Starting point.
Level 2, "The Street": Semaphore.
Beware the disposition of the semaphores, red can be green and green can be red.
Level 2, "The Street": The sacred Katana.
Worshipping the spirit of steel forged on the deadliest blade.
Level 2, "The Street": The Corner.
Never cease to be vigilant.
Level 2, "The Street": Manhole key.
- What a nice place for changing clothes...
Level 2, "The Street": Nice old ladies throwing vases.
- I dunno what these people have against ninjas...
Level 2, "The Street": Awaiting.
A predator silently awaits for his prey to awake.
Level 2, "The Street": Passage to "The Sewers".
Level 3, "The Sewers": Starting point.
Level 3, "The Sewers": Jumping.
Beware that the tarantula is near.
Level 3, "The Sewers": Manhole key.
- I was positive this place had a ladder somewhere... nah... reincarnation flashes most certainly.
Level 3, "The Sewers": Down bellow.
The manhole the key was meant for.
Level 3, "The Sewers": Pick the right one.
- Boy, what a sight...
Level 3, "The Sewers": Packs of Rats.
- He went over there!
(Armakuni deceived the hungry rats using the psychic powers of the Shadow Warrior. He became invisible too.)
Level 3, "The Sewers": Torches.
"A torch will give you light in the end of this journey"
(in fact this is a very subtle hint for the end of this level)
Level 3, "The Sewers": Time to pick one.
Level 3, "The Sewers": Strategy.
- ...and then you ask me: "was there anything that you liked being there?"
- ...and I say: "Yeah, I'd go and visit your mother once in a while."
Level 3, "The Sewers": Big Lizard.
- It's me, uncle Armakuni... come here you stupid...
Level 4, "The Office": Starting point.
In NES version, the levels "Basement" and "Office" are joined in one level.
- Who's next, aye?
Level 4, "The Office": The Panther.
- And if our prettiest kitty in the world would allow sweet uncle Armakuni to enter in this lovely elevator?
Level 4, "The Office": First room.
(While this guard tenderly sings to the plants the song "Cherry Blossoms", Armakuni sneaks behind him wondering what in a heck is this all about)
Level 4, "The Office": Nanban art I.
Nanban because the aesthetics of these 3 scenarios resemble the respective Japanese art of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
Level 4, "The Office": Nanban art III.
Almost every room has a guard. Each one more difficult than the previous.
Level 4, "The Office": Nanban art III.
The inkstand functions as a lever opening a secret passage.
Level 4, "The Office": Real light.
This secret room leads directly to the roof's access.
Level 4, "The Office": The huge ventilator.
Armakuni is preventively glued to the wall not knowing how to surpass this obstacle. A strong air-stream pushes him out of the building.
Level 4, "The Office": Climbing to the roof.
A last thug awaits you at the end of this ladder.
Level 4, "The Office": Inner Circle.
In a hurry to pick up Inner Circle's chopper which is waiting for Armakuni at the next scenario just for a brief period of time.
Level 5, "The Mansion": Starting Point.
The first task of this level is to be dropped correctly from the Inner Circle's chopper.
Level 5, "The Mansion": No alarms.
The next task is to choose the right place to fall from the roof's window. This is the room next to the falling place.
Level 5, "The Mansion": The rope.
(Armakuni is questioning himself about the correctness of the ninja code)
Level 5, "The Mansion": Where the rope fits.
This is the room where food is delivered through the elevator. You'll use the rope on it.
Level 5, "The Mansion": The "Secret Door...".
Next to the kitchen, this "secret door" leads to the cellar of the mansion where our nemesis is hidden.
Level 6, "The Final Battle": The heat system core.
A good punch resolves everything.
Level 6, "The Final Battle": This is it!
Take a deep breath, review what has do be done, which magic tricks you'll expect because the showdown is going to happen.
Level 6, "The Final Battle": The evil spirit.
The evil spirit of Kunitoki was defeated and Armakuni received a special hat.
And that's all folks!
- How about we put the past behind our backs and open a new chapter?
- Shall we dance?

ZX Spectrum version

Title screen.
How to get down?
Let's fight.
Level 1, "The Park":
- Get the key!
Level 1, "The Park": searching for the way out.
- Would you be so kind and giv...
- Not now Billy, gotta finda a boat!
Level 1, "The Park": looking for a hidden weapon.
- This is private property!
- I was trying to find my kid's soccer ball... in a sec...
Level 1, "The Park": The boat.
(the boat is hidden somewhere)
Level 1, "The Park": Accessing "The Streets", the next level.
Level 2, "The Streets": Starting the level.
Level 2, "The Streets": The semaphore.
My Grandmother used to say while crossing streets, that is better to loose some seconds of your life than your life in seconds.
Level 2, "The Streets": Secret gym and the Katana.
The deadliest blow.
Level 2, "The Streets": Hot dog cart.
Picking some for the journey. There is also another cart which has green poisonous hot dogs instead. Strange!
Level 2, "The Streets": The other hot dog cart.
And "speaking about the devil", here it is, the green hot dog phenomena.
Level 2, "The Streets": The manhole key.
Level 2, "The Streets": Crossing the streets following my Grandma's sayings.
As in the whole game, the semaphore has no colors, but flashes as references.
Level 2, "The Streets": Opening the manhole which leads to the next level, "The Sewers".
Level 3, "The Sewers": The beginning of the level.
Level 3, "The Sewers": Exploration.
Our hero, Armakuni prepares himself for the impeccable jumping.
Level 3, "The Sewers": Parkour in the sewers.
Level 3, "The Sewers": Cut scene from Highlander.
Level 3, "The Sewers": Entrance to a lower floor.
Level 3, "The Sewers": Fight scene.
Level 3, "The Sewers": A pack of rats.
Two thirds of these doors lead to nowhere and are deadly entrances. Many ninjas were killed during the shooting of this scene.
Level 3, "The Sewers": Last Danger of the level.
- And you thought you could deceive me in that form Kunitoki...
- (crocodile, alligator, hissing)
Level 4, "The Basement": Entering the level.
Level 4, "The Basement": Searching for a special card.
Level 4, "The Basement": The chicken's leg.
(ringing frantically the calling bell) - I have some complains to do here!
Level 4, "The Basement": The fork-lift.
Kunitoki is proudly demonstrating his talents.
Level 4, "The Basement": Deadly confrontation, no Shuriken needed.
"Glory of Love" playing in the background.
Level 4, "The Basement": Warehouse.
Level 4, "The Basement": A chicken's leg can be eaten and choke.
Level 4, "The Basement": The poisoning.
Not a good thing to take lightly, parental advisory content.
Level 4, "The Basement": The elevator.
Last step before entering "The Office"
Level 5, "The Office": First casualty.
Level 5, "The Office": Main frame computer.
Level 5, "The Office": Sheathing the Katana.
Level 5, "The Office": Reclamation.
... don't think twice, do it, but do it conscientiously with rigour!
Level 5, "The Office": Fighting scene.
A majestic blow in the stomach the same time the adversary is throwing a punch.
Level 5, "The Office": To the roof of "The Office".
Level 5, "The Office": Close encounter of the 3rd kind.
- You are at the wrong set... this is not Ghostbusters... and I'm not the Gate Keeper...
Level 5, "The Office": Escape.
Level 6, "The Mansion": Starting point.
Level 6, "The Mansion": A Window to somewhere.
Level 6, "The Mansion": A swift death.
Level 6, "The Mansion": Foe with long hair hit in the face.
Level 6, "The Mansion": Searching for Kunitoki.
- Where's your Shogun?
Level 6, "The Mansion": Heating system of the mansion.
The Shogun is near: recalling the precious code to open the safe.
Final Showdown with Kunitoki.

Official Screenshots

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  • Last Ninja 2: Back with a Vengeance Screenshot For Amiga.
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  • Last Ninja 2: Back with a Vengeance Screenshot For Amiga.
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  • Last Ninja 2: Back with a Vengeance Screenshot For Amiga.
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  • Last Ninja 2: Back with a Vengeance Screenshot For Amiga.
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  • Last Ninja 2: Back with a Vengeance Screenshot For Amiga.
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  • Last Ninja 2: Back with a Vengeance Screenshot For C64.
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  • Last Ninja 2: Back with a Vengeance Screenshot For C64.
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  • Last Ninja 2: Back with a Vengeance Screenshot For C64.
    System 3 Official website
  • Last Ninja 2: Back with a Vengeance Screenshot For C64.
    System 3 Official website
  • Last Ninja 2: Back with a Vengeance Screenshot For C64.
    System 3 Official website