Last Ninja 3 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen.
The last ninja (Intro).
Enemy fortress (Intro).
Perfectly skilled and very dangerous (Intro).
Level 1.
Which way to go now?
Fighting with enemy.
Look, it's the Punisher!
Do not try to get to that door. It's a trap!
Too far for a jump.
Level 3.
Exploring the sewers.
The enemies will try to block your way and kill you.
Level 4.
Level 5.
The bridge will lead you to other side of the building.
Level 6.
Aircraft? Something is wrong.

Atari ST version

Title screen - the word Last isn't used
A shot from the intro
High scores
You have to swap disks before and after each game
The first fight
That's got to hurt
Ready to take someone on
Roll out the barrel

Commodore 64 version

Starting out, you're immediately under attack
Mountainous area