The Last Ninja

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The Last Pixel-Master DOS Tony Van (2687)
A classic action adventure. DOS Macintrash (2494)

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Platform Votes Score
Acorn 32-bit 1 4.0
Amiga 2 4.4
Apple II 5 4.3
Apple IIgs 4 4.4
Atari ST 3 3.8
BBC Micro 3 4.7
Commodore 64 28 4.3
DOS 17 3.8
Electron 3 4.7
Wii 4 3.5
Combined User Score 70 4.2

Critic Reviews

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Commodore 64Computer and Video Games (CVG)
The graphics are really neat, especially the later stages of the game in the dungeon and palace. I only hope that all you non-64 owners don't have to wait too long for conversions. The Last Ninja is a winner.
Commodore 64Zzap!
Enough depth and action to satisfy both adventurers and martial artists.
Atari STRaze
There's no doubt that Remix is as fun as and definitely more playable than its predecessors. However, the high level of the puzzles and the occasionally disjointed landscape make this a very hard cookie to crack. It will take a long time and a hell of determination to complete this huge game.
The Last Ninja ist einfach nur ein Meilenstein und gehört sicher zu den bekanntesten Spielen auf dem Commodore 64. Mit diesem Spiel hat sich System 3 selbst ein ewiges Denkmal geschaffen und sich damals zu einem der besten Spielehersteller herausgemausert. Wer dieses Spiel nicht kennt, der hat wirklich was verpasst. Obwohl das Spiel zehn volle Punkte verdient hätte, gibt es von mir wegen der kleinen obengenannten Schwäche und der Tatsache, dass besiegte Gegner an vielen Stellen im Spiel immer wiederkehren, nur neun Punkte. Trotzdem kann ich dieses Spiel jedem uneingeschränkt empfehlen, da es eines meiner persönlichen Lieblingsspiele ist.
Commodore 64Digital Press - Classic Video Games
In my opinion "The Last Ninja" is a pure classic in the truest sense of the word, action adventure games up until that point hadn't been done with such style and attention to detail than this one. Programmed by those Brit geniuses at System 3 (Tusker, Last Ninja 1-3, Flimbo's Quest, IK+ ,Myth, Vendetta, etc.) this game had it all.
Commodore 64ASM (Aktueller Software Markt)
Fazit: THE LAST NINJA ist mehr als nur ein würdiger Nachfolger von International Karate. Den Käufer erwartet eine Spitzengrafik mit einer perfekte Animation der Figuren. Besonders die vielen Kleinigkeiten verfeinern das Spiel. Das Ganze wird mit feinster fernöstlicher Musik versüßt. Dank der Komplexität und der Schwierigkeit wird Last Ninja zu einem Superspiel und einem Muß für jeden C64-User. Die Motivation ist für längere Zeit gesichert, gerade weil das Spiel so schwierig ist. LAST NINJA ist meiner Meinung nach die richtige Mischung zwischen Action und Strategie. Ich jedenfalls kann ihnen diesen Tophit nur empfehlen und Armakoni bzw. Ihnen viel Spaß auf dem langen Weg zu den Rollen der Koga wünschen.
AmigaCU Amiga
Twenty five quid may seem heavy handed for a four year old title, and indeed it is if you owned the original. The package contains four disks, one for the intro (which can be bypassed) and six levels of game crammed on the other three. Definitely recommended for new comers to the Ninja games, for those with experience of the original last Ninja they might find this lacking.
AmigaAmiga Action
Ninja Remix is like a breath of fresh air after playing Ninja II by Activision. The screen update is instantaneous, and the sprite detection is much better, so you don't have to spend about half an hour trying to pick up a stupid object. The graphics and sound are extremely good giving the game a tremendous atmosphere, the music being especially good picking up when the game gets intense. The controls are a little awkward, but you get used to them in no time and they don'l really cause any problems after that. The save option is brilliant and avoids you having to play all the way through several levels just to gel killed at the same point as last time. All in all, Ninja Remix is a very good game, and a damn sight better than Ninja II.
Atari STASM (Aktueller Software Markt)
Allen ST-Freaks kann ich Ninja Remix ohne Einschränkungen ans Herz legen. Die Achtbit-User indes sollten sich erstmal in ihrer Box umschauen, ob da nicht vielleicht Ninja 2 rumfliegt, wenn nicht, dann schleunigst den Remix ergattern!
Atari STST Format
Gameplay has been considerably improved, although it's still awkward when you try to pick something up. Ninja Remix is a considerable improvement on Last Ninja 2, but it that enough to warrant a £25 price tag?
AmigaAmiga User International
Even so, more could have been done with game. The screen is still reduced by an unnecessarily large status area, and the music sounds exactly like that of the 64 game. In effect, this is the 64 game. That's fine, but under the new name, it's bound to attract followers of the ninja series, who may well be disappointed to get it home and find they've just bought the same game they did three years ago, but paid #25 for it this time. However, anyone new to the game is almost guaranteed many hours of absorbing arcade adventuring. As the ninja series is still to be cloned, Ninja Remix is a unique, original and very colourful mix of fisticuffs and brainwork that deserves to do well.
WiiNintendo Life
In addition to the beautiful graphics, fluid animation and excellent presentation, there is also some terrific music (amongst the best the C64 has to offer) that accompanies your journey. The Last Ninja is not without its faults, but still provides a lot of entertainment and a decent challenge, provided you are willing to put the time in to see what it has to offer. Highly recommended, and hopefully we’ll be seeing the even better sequels before too long.
AmigaAmiga Format
Yet Ninja Remix is still only an isometric 3D adventure. It is a long hard challenge and not a trial of speed. Fighting is best avoided because the small sprites make it very hard to see what's going on. It's good, but not stunning.
AmigaAmiga Joker
Auch sind einige Verbesserungen gegenüber dem Original festzustellen, beispielsweise lassen sich nun Spielstände abspeichern. Alte Ninja-Veteranen können also getrost die Wurfsterne aus der Mottenkiste holen — der Remix ist zwar nicht das Überspiel von einst, hat aber genügend Ninja-Power, um einen das schauderhafte „Last Ninja 2“ vergessen zu lassen!
Commodore 6464'er
Auf eine Punktewertung muß man auch bei Last Ninja verzichten. Entweder man hat das Spiel gelöst oder man stirbt vorzeitig und muß es noch mal probieren. Die wundervolle Grafik entschädigt aber für diesen Nachteil. Auch die Musik ist sehr gut gelungen. Für jeden der sechs Teile gibt es eine eigene Thema-Melodie.
AmigaAmiga Force
Ninja Remix is an amalgamation of the first two in the Last Ninja trilogy, and considering the Amiga's capabilities it's surprising, and somewhat disappointing, to see the graphics are not that dissimilar to the 8-bit versions. The main character is very cardboard-like and lacks the finesse you'd expect from a highly trained assassin. The animation is dodgy in parts and the scratchy backgrounds don't help save it from looking tired and washed out. Initially, it's fun to explore the terrain and find a use for the collectable items but this soon wanes because of the tricky control method. Manoeuvring the Japanese one becomes increasingly frustrating: the most sensitive joystick touches is needed simply to pick up an object. It's a poorly designed system that could, and should, be avoided. There's a certain degree of enjoyment to be reaped but there's not quite enough to keep you playing until the last puzzle's solved.
Commodore 64Happy Computer
Die Grafik ist schlichtweg ein Hammer und gehört zum Besten, was man je auf dem C64 gesehen hat. Spielerisch ist dieses Monumentalwerk aber nur eine graue Maus.
AmigaAmiga Power
Close to what Last Ninja 2 should have been. Extremely high-quality graphics... [...] ... hiding a near-terminal lack of gameplay.
30 (UK)
Even basic functions such as picking things up and hand-to-hand combat are bollocksed up by the change in control method, with diagonals and directions very hard to find with any consistent accuracy. Regardless of my first teenage reaction, I'm happy to accept that The Last Ninja was one of the greats - at least when played in 1987 with a joystick. Played on a console, with all the control concessions required, it's something of a horror show.
Commodore 64The Video Game Critic
The Last Ninja another go, but unless I have some incredible epiphany I'm afraid I'll never understand why this game was so popular.