The Last Ninja Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
On the way to the shogun's palace.
Buddha shrines provide you with the quests and give you hints along your journey only if you pray in front of them.
Quagmires and rivers are the most dreadful things in the whole game that Arkamani needs to be very cautious with.
Luckily, he managed to pass through.
And what do we have here? A dragon guarding the exit from the first level?
Entrance to the palace is closed. You need to find the other way to get in.
Arkamani can climb but only if he has something that will help him to attach into the rocks.

Apple II version

Title Screen
The Wastelands
Time to Rumble
River Crossing -- you need to land on those little stones

Atari ST version

Title screen: credits
Loading graphics
Title screen
First encounter: no weapon around
Running through the wilderness with low health
Found a nice sword
Even with low health, fighting with a sword...
... makes fighting these guys easier
Another screen
Leaving another screen
Finding a key
Essential weapon found on a dead colleague

BBC Micro version

Title screen
The game starts here.
Fighting a first enemy
I'm getting kicked.
Pass over the water

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Ready to jump
Let's fight
In front of a beautiful temple
Jumping through the swamp
Nunchaku vs Bo Staff
Items are often hidden in trees or bushes - they flash shortly after entering the screen
This dragon guards the exit of the first level - use the smoke bombs to get past him
Sword Duel in the mountains
Before you can climb you need to find the right item
Another trap at the end of a level

DOS version

Title screen
Start screen of the game
Found the sword
Jumping the river stones
Kicked some ass
Hmm, are those nunchucks on his body?
Praying to the Buddha
Fetching the smoke bomb in the swamp area
Ninjitsu CGA style