The Last Soldier Screenshots (Amiga)

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Amiga version

Intro starts
Parachute landing
Purification of the road
Title screen
Loading screen
Start location
Carrying AK 7.62 MM
Jumping over a tank
Beam barriers
Automatic roof machine gun
Horizontal machine gun
Heavy guarded power ups
Taking a safe road
Long ladder down
Wall rocket launcher
Enemy soldier killed
Game over
Climbing the ladder
East end of the base
3 soldiers watching energy power up
Switch cabinet
Bloody massacre
Bottom part of the base
Two soldiers to kill
Two tanks ahead
Guarded ladder
Ammunition box
Ammunition box, medi-kit and reactor
Wild fire execution
Two soldiers killed
Medi-kit found
Tank, laser beam and soldier
Between two laser beams
Heavy artillery
Fast running chamber
It will end with plenty of blood on the floor
Falling soldier
Gasoline above fire place?
Switched off elevator platform
Wiping the trail
Sigle tank and rocket launcher
Rocket approaching
This looks like a blood losing chamber
Waiting for a good moment
Floor spikes
Lonely medi-kit
Looks like the rockets don't affect allied units
Climbing to the top
Only one tank is watching all those treasures
Fall from the high means a certain death