Laura's Happy Adventures Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The game's main menu
At various points the game pauses and displays a picture while it loads what is probably another part of the game world
The game menu
New players must sign in. Returning players will find the square next to their name has a picture in it. The game auto-saves but does not always restart with Laura in the same place
The game starts with an extensive flight around Laura's town. This is a back alley leading to Laura's house. It's very nicely drawn.
Then there's a sequence that sets up the game. Laura finds a box of gems and one of them talks to her. The game is about making people happy
Here is the gem talking to Laura. After this it hitches a ride in her backpack
Laura's backpack is opened with the TAB key. Not much in it yet though.
Here's Laura's first customer. He's borrowed daddy's binoculars and lost them. He cries a lot and it's a relief to get away from him
This is how game choices are decided. Should Laura help her snivelling sibling?
The gem makes many appearances especially in the early part of the game. Laura has to stop and look over her shoulder to hear what's going on
Laura's found some clues near the spot where the binoculars were lost. They'll soon be in her backpack.
The friendly milk man. If spoken to in the right way he will give Laura some more information. He's got a bad back so he may be a future customer
Holding down the SHIFT key makes Laura move faster. She doesn't just run, she skips along.
Pressing the ESCAPE key brings up this menu which is how the player gets back to the main menu to exit from the game