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Ultimately, Law & Order is a well-paced and enjoyable experience for fans. The combination of hand-drawn backgrounds and cel-shaded character art is a nice blend, marred only by some odd shadow effects. I didn’t experience any glitches with the game other than the odd audio crackle, even with the in-game audio settings turned down. After the abysmal Jurassic Park: The Game, fans of Telltale’s work were legitimately concerned for how Law & Order and the upcoming Walking Dead would turn out. Thankfully, the developer seems to have left the mistakes of Jurassic Park on Isla Nublar, bringing a quality experience on the streets of New York to PC, Mac and iOS with their latest outing.
Fidèle à la série télévisée dont il s'inspire, Law & Order Legacies peut facilement se placer en collection d'épisodes interactifs pour combler les fans purs et durs. Les joueurs qui ne connaissent pas le show pourront tout aussi se laisser tenter. Ils trouveront de quoi passer un bon moment, malheureusement un peu court s'ils se limitent à un seul épisode, et un peu cher s'ils décident de se procurent les sept segments.
This game released for iOS before the PC, and it plays as if it was developed primarily with the iPad in mind. Before attempting all seven episodes on the PC, I played part of the first episode on my iPad, and found the visuals to be more pleasing on the smaller screen. Compared to many other iPad offerings, Legacies is lengthy and complex. Compared to other PC adventure mystery games, however, it is simplified, repetitive, and a trifle clunky.
WindowsGame Over Online
Overall, I didn't particularly enjoy the first episode of Law & Order: Legacies. I tried for a while to get a perfect score, so I kept replaying conversations until I got them right, but even so the episode only took me about two hours to complete, and the case wasn't exactly fascinating. Worse, the graphics are a little too much on the cartoony side, which works better for funny adventures than it does for serious games, and the voice actors all had a tough time impersonating the characters from the show (although otherwise they performed their lines well enough). Possibly the first episode was just something of a tutorial for the rest of the season, and the later cases will be more interesting... or maybe not. I'm pessimistic at this point, but I'll let you know for sure down the line when the season as a whole is available.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
Combine that with the ancient tech upon which the game is built and you get something that only the hardest of the TV hardcore (or budding trial attorneys) could really love. But there are four episodes left; maybe the best is yet to come.
But Law & Order: Legacies is not about making you the detective or the prosecutor. It's about making you the most basic trainee; the one who sits in a small room watching recordings of professionals at work and answering rudimentary viewing comprehension questions. There is some vicarious pleasure in being carried along on a wave of correct answers, but seeing that wave continue undeterred despite your missteps is a disheartening reminder that you are an insignificant part of the proceedings. A longer story arc remains to be concluded as of this review, and it's a safe bet that the seven-episode package ($19.99) will deliver a decent amount of content. It's just too bad that you have to spend the entire time in the enervating limbo between viewer and participant.
WindowsAdventure Gamers
Three episodes in, Legacies offers a highly scaled-back version of the familiar cops-and-lawyers formula that doesn’t do the intriguing storylines full justice.
WindowsPAL Gaming Network (PALGN)
In the end, Law & Order: Legacies just feels like you’re watching a slightly interactive episode of the TV show.