Leeds United Champions! Screenshots

User Screenshots

Acorn 32-bit version

Main screen
The football game is running
Weekly accounts

Atari ST version

Title screen with base menu
Main menu: tactic, league, some statistics and transfer options
Sub-menu for extending stadium, defining training and some other options
Squad overview: players and their skills, possibility to change positions or field substitute players
Detailed player info
Tactics: ability to change the style of play of the different team groups
Game preparation: view of the next opponent team. I should work on the team's morale!
Extending the ground capacity seems to be a good idea to raise some cash. Although: hopefully the team is good enough to get some visitors to the matches
Top game in division 4: luckily Mr. Cantona saved the day. The game view is non-interactive, no subs can be done or tactics changed during the game
Lyon made an offer for the best midfielder in the team. He wants to negotiate his contract -- but as it is too expensive, he leaves during the season!
Transfer market: an offer for Cantona is around, but no replacement is available on the market
Another league game. Easy win this time
Some basic information after a game
League table: it is a close fight for promotion to Division 3 this season!