Legend Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title screen
First stage
Nice background graphics
A mid-boss
In the swamps
The boss of the swamp level
There are rarely less than four enemies on screen.
Using a spell in a boss-fight. Much like in Golden Axe, you can pick up magic bags that allow you to use spells.
Thrown into prison
Fighting a group of skeletons
The atmosphere of the game is rather dark.
Grapped by a boss
The game looks very good, but sometimes the graphics can get in the way.
Boss-battles can be very tough - your spells aren't wasted here.
Dogs can be very annoying, especially in groups.
Fighting some monks.
Boss-battle with a wizard who has summoned a gargoyle to help him out.
Stage clear
Fight on bridge
Enemy archer
Some dialogue
Bonus stage
Stage 2
Angry birds
Trees on first screen
Another bridge
Game Over
Castle entrance
Enemy with strange sword
Game has stairs