The Legend of Kyrandia: Hand of Fate Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Main menu
You have a role of Zanthia in this sequel.
Town Gate - how to get in!?
To tell the truth, I never figured how can they paint such an amazing image, and it has 256 colors. On what way were they painting... huh!
Whow, what a woman! I guess Westwood made woman main role before Tomb Rider.
Love hurts.
Whow! Holy-smokes... who needs inspiration with this!
A screen from the German version
Zanthia's spellbook (German version)
Cozy looking house
Kyrandian countryside
Kyrandian cruiser
Look, a dragon!
Mountains in the background
Something's fishy - a Kyrandian prison
Whoa! Zanthia playing Marilyn monroe?
Zanthia going to fix the wheels of fate, Rambo style!
Zanthia isn't afraid of a crystal T. Rex
Outside my home
In the woods
Those weeds look dangerous.
Near an odd looking tree
The ferry man is a fairy.
A cross way in the woods
Outside Herb's shack
Inside Herb's shack
Zanthia's not only cute but strong as well
The treasure is waiting for you
Make a special potion in this special area
Only you aren't scared to go to this island
Use the aerial tramway to climb the moutains
You can make a rainbow if you have a good memory
A telepathic conversation with Faun (Polish version - probably amateur, but a good translation apart from a few silly errors)
Drying up on Volcania - doesn't Zanthia look cute in this bathrobe and towel turban? (Polish version)
At the lift (Polish version)
At Yeti's place (Polish version)
Cannibal island (Polish version) - you can get there if you DON'T do something...
Cannibal island (Polish version) - actually, there is an item which can let you escape their cauldron and get back to the ship...

FM Towns version

Have YOU joined the Bolshevik party, comrade?.
Mmm... purple...
Mmm... more purple!!..
Outside of Zanthia's house. She already changed her clothes
Killer plant
Mysterious house
I wonder if he has some money for me
Dangerous quicksand
The titular hand
Not much activity in this cave
Sound puzzle
Options, the FM Towns version can also be played in English (see the hints section)
Zanthia's spellbook
Heated argument about iambic pentameter during Pirate Poetry night at the Drunk Dragon (English mode)
The Center of the World (English mode), even though this version is on CD it doesn't have any voice acting
Jessica (apprentice wizard from Miltonia) gets called a bimbo (English mode)
Two guys chasing after the Foot of Bal-Rom (English mode)
Taking candy from a baby (English mode)
Rainbow bridge (English mode)
That damned inverted version of the Towers of Hanoi puzzle (English mode); on the bright side there's also a Three Stooges reference here