The Legend of Kyrandia Screenshots

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Amiga version

Title Screen
Intro: The Land of Kyrandia.
Start of game - The old guy is now stone, and we have to save Kyrandia from a mad jester.
Tree house.
Bottom of tree house.
Dark forest.
Pool of Sarrow - This makes me sad.
More forest.
Near mountainside.
A cave!
Inside the cave. The bridge is out right now.
A rotting tree...
The tree is now better and an annoying kid has a marble.
Southern cliff.
Outside the chapel.

DOS version

Westwood Studios company logo
The Realm of Kyrandia
Intro Sequence
Outside Brandon's Home
The Messenger from the Realm of the Land
Outside the Temple
Mixing Elixirs
Why's everything so big here?
Don't mess with this guy too soon!
Poof! Right into face.
Before - Dang this is one ugly willow tree.
After - They did a great job on the colors big time!
Inside the Temple of Kyrandia - Meeting with the Priestess Byrnn
Some people just don't get what "The Bridge is Out" means...
The Forest Altar - Looks like it's missing a marble...
Pool of Sorrow - Wonder if it's from a weeping willow?
Oooh, a purple dragon!
Green just isn't my color...neither is snake venom.
Oldest tree in Kyrandia and old man Nolby.
Hey look, one of the stones in the amulet turned yellow!
A forest fire! Call Smokey the Bear quick!
Malcolm's castle.
Nice scenery.
Castle Kitchen. Rats, there's no Twinkies here.
Malcolm turned my pretty friend into stone - the creep!
The Temple - Brynn with the enchanted message
Entering the terrible labyrinth
The labyrinth again - most rooms are either dark caves (you will be killed if you walk there without a light source) or dark caves with fireberry bushes, this is one of 7 "special" rooms
The frozen river and Brandon as a ball of light - in this form he lights up the caves himself
Brandon transformed into a Pegasus
At the King's and Queen's grave

PC-98 version

Logo in 16 color mode.
The text is only available in Japanese in the PC-98 version.
The Pool of Sorrow still looks beautiful with 16 colors.

Official Screenshots

  • The Legend of Kyrandia Screenshot
    Westwood Studios' Product Page
  • The Legend of Kyrandia Screenshot
    Westwood Studios' Product Page
  • The Legend of Kyrandia Screenshot
    Westwood Studios' Product Page