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Amazing art, awful gameplay/story PlayStation Bregalad (963)

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PlayStationThe DOS Spirit (Jan 01, 2015)
Legend of Mana en opplevelse du ikke finner maken til. Det er en sjelden juvel på en plattform som forlengst har blitt avleggs, men ikke la det stoppe deg. Takket være Playstation Store er det mulig å få spille det på eksempelvis Playstation Vita, eller om du er så heldig å ha den første Playstation er eBay en god venn i nøden. For dette er ikke et spill du vil gå glipp av om du liker en rollespillopplevelse litt utenom det vanlige. Det gjør ting på sin måte og tror på det. Det oser sjarm og selvsikkerhet. Vi slenger vårt “Golden DOS Spirit”-artefakt i tursekken og vet at mange episke eventyr står fremfor alle som er villige til å gi denne klassikeren en sjanse. Du kommer ikke til å angre!
PlayStationLegendra (Feb 08, 2004)
Voilà, Squaresoft nous propose un jeu riche, profond et innovant...L'un des meilleurs Action-RPG sur Playstation. Reste qu'une seule question : mais pourquoi n'est-il pas sorti en Europe?
PlayStationRPGFan (Jun 20, 2000)
So overall, Square presents a stunning product in Legend of Mana. Graphics, music, sound, gameplay, and extras all outshine most other games out there. All I have to say is that people looking for a central plot should rent the game instead of buying it. I do recommend it to all those Poke-crazed people out there, however, as it allows for a lot of customization and creation of not only monsters but weapons and magic as well. Check it out and enjoy.
PlayStationRetroGame Man (Mar 24, 2017)
Overall, this game is a 2D action RPG with beautiful graphics, amazing music, and simple but personal story. This game has aged surprisingly well, so if you have never played this game, I highly recommend it!
PlayStationRPGFan (Aug 20, 1999)
Seiken Densetsu: Legend of Mana ranks as one of Square's best 32-bit games yet released. All are encouraged to get this one.
PlayStationRPGFan (Oct 23, 2000)
So, what makes Legend of Mana less than perfect? For one, gameplay tends to get slightly repetitive and tedious after a while. Many of the quests are similar in nature, following the format I previously mentioned above, and having to fight through inescapable random battles can quickly become a monotonous chore. Others can be downright frustrating, having you run back and forth across the world to ten different places. Also, the "side-quest" format of the game and lack of a continuous storyline may turn off some gamers. However, it is still an excellently done game overall with only a few minor flaws. It is also one that will keep you occupied for a while: completing every quest takes around 30 to 40 hours or so. Another masterpiece from Squaresoft.
PlayStationRPGFan (Jun 20, 2000)
It's not for everyone, but if you're looking for a flexible gaming experience, Legend of Mana may be right up your alley.
85 (Dec 24, 2010)
Legend of Mana corrige-t-il ses grandes qualités par de grands défauts, ou est-ce l'inverse ? Difficile de trancher. Toujours est-il que le jeu reste une expérience unique, originale et onirique, malgré quelques ombres qui viennent ternir le tableau. C'est en tout cas un jeu hautement recommandable aux amateurs de contes de fées, de graphismes soignés et de gameplay inventif.
PlayStationIGN (Jun 06, 2000)
The point? Legend of Mana, in some ways, is less of a game than a more general aesthetic experience. While a great many players may grow frustrated by its structure, those who enjoy smelling the roses during an RPG will find much to reward a little patient wandering. The way the plot and combat system have been organized make this a fair bit less of a complete game than Secret of Mana, and the multiplayer game is sorely missed, but perhaps that was intentional on the part of the developers. Perhaps they wanted to create something with a little less story focus, to let the game's aesthetic qualities shine through.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation (Jun, 2000)
Legend of Mana is a fun game. The battle system is exciting and interactive. Loads of special skills and extra bonuses like golems, pets and equipment modification, make for a very detailed and comprehensive experience. The only thing about LoM that throws it off somewhat is the disconnected story line. At some points in the game, you feel lost, and have no clue if you're doing what you should be, or not. That aside, LoM is still a very fun game to play, with wonderful visuals and sound that just won't quit. If you're looking for a non-linier adventure, and love side quests and raising pets, and golems, LoM should be on your list. The replay value should be high also, considering you can start a new game with your old data. Squaresoft, once again has shown it's mastery of Rpg's, and it's flair for keeping the genre alive with new ideas.
PlayStationVideo Games (Aug, 2000)
Ihr seht, langweilig wird es so schnell nicht in Fa‘Diel. Dass auch die Kampfengine mit verschiedenen Combo- und Team-Moves gut gelungen ist, rundet den positiven Gesamteindruck ab. Ja, und über die Grafik kann man eigentlich sowieso nicht schimpfen, wie ihr an den Screen-Shots sicher schon erkannt habt: Bei so phantasievollen und verspielten Arealen verzichten zumindest wir gerne mal auf die “ach-so-geheiligte Polygon-Power“. Wer also gerne das Wagnis eingeht, einmal ein etwas ungewöhnliches Game ins CD-Laufwerk zu legen, der sollte auf alle Fälle einmal Legend of Mana probiert haben.
PlayStationAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Jul 10, 2000)
If Legend Of Mana was simply another hack n’ slash RPG, its flaws would be more than enough to sink it beneath the constantly rising tides of shiny new boxes at your local video game store. Thankfully, that isn’t the case. LOM is an adventure game in the truest sense of the word. Sure, you’re trying to figure out what happened to the world and eventually revitalize it, but along the way you’re having fun just adventuring. You’re creating your own world, wandering around in it, interacting with it, and generally having a blast. The land of Fa’Diel is rich enough in history and in colorful inhabitants to make you want to lose yourself, and once you slip beneath the surface of the main quest you find that it’s just as much fun to set your own goals. It’s this kind of enjoyment that fuels its immense replay value and makes you want to overlook its more minor flaws.
PlayStationRPGamer (Jul 03, 2000)
Legend of Mana is one of those games that has something for everyone. With so many quests and so many side activities, such as weapon creation and pet raising, Legend of Mana will certainly give players a fantastic bang for their buck. The game may not appeal to every gamer, considering its unique brand of play and sheer difference in style from the rest of the Seiken Densetsu series. However, those who give Legend of Mana a chance are sure to find a truly gratifying, unforgettable experience.
PlayStationGameSpot (Jun 07, 2000)
A few years into the life of the PlayStation, Square suddenly remembered all the great 16-bit franchises it had lying around the office. "Maybe we shouldn't let these flounder," thought one of Square's brighter executives, and several design teams were quickly assigned to resurrect old glories. Legend of Mana is the follow-up to Square's popular Seiken Densetsu series, released in the US as Final Fantasy Adventure and Secret of Mana. Yet despite its obvious mastery of presentation, Legend of Mana never delivers the level of gameplay needed to match its classic predecessors.
PlayStationPSM (Aug, 2000)
But all things said and done, for what LoM lacks in immersion or emotional investment, it does make up for in the sheer number of options, features and side-games. If you're looking for a light-hearted romp with bells and whistles, this is your game. If you're looking for an epic and intelligent tale, pick up Chrono Cross.
PlayStationSuper Play (Sweden) (Aug, 2000)
Det är trist att vara så här hård mot ett spel som man har sett fram emot så mycket. Det är också ganska trist att behöva inse att en uppföljare har blivit en så ofokuserad produkt där atmosfär och handling har tagit stryk på grund av att spelets skapare inte annat än försökte vara originella.
PlayStationGame Revolution (Jun 01, 2000)
Overall, Legend of Mana is good for a few quick shots - play through a story and then stop for another day. It's just not continuously fun in large doses, though at least some of the new ideas were worth a try.