Legend of the Amazon Women Screenshots

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Commodore 64 version

Loading Screen.
Title Screen.
Let's find your baby.
Here comes an opponent.
Hit her with your club.
Defeated her.

ZX Spectrum version

Loading Screen
Title Screen
Lets rescue your baby
Fighting an Amazon Woman
Loading Screen: credits.
- Where's Tarantino? Now!! You are not going to prevent me from showing him my new project called "Kill Cro, the Magnon"
This is a pre-historic version of Star War's Marksman-H combat remote.
Where's my Babie?
Why don't you put yourself more confortable? (censored)
Changing a club for an axe. (no, it's a private moment)
Now she as an obsidian sword. (good to kill white walkers)
I must be near the orchard.
(woman's acute scream)
- A walking testicle!
I keep saying, it could be dangerous for them to wear so many clothes in the tropics.
I feel something strange on my forehead.
Nice legs.
A pack of bushes full of jumping spiked balls.
... and one of them just hit her feet.
- I know of a good place to eat Miss...
Turned into a witch.
Now you will train the art of cutting wood.
Acrobatic move. I ain't tired of saying this but it's too hot to use such dressings.
The first encounter Eeva had with the snake.
- The next time you'll tell my father I'd stole an apple from his orchard, I'll rip your throat and make you a Sicilian Tie with that bifid tongue of yours.
I must be almost there. I know my father has an apple business of some kind, I know it! The patriarchate has to change.
The ultimate weaponry: an axe.
- I'm a member of the company your father is the manager, we're doin' business with jelly, I'm sorry Eva but... (pause) unless....
And so Eeva was forced to sin for the 1st time not because she was evil but because of her father's greed not to share his orchard. Any relation to anything is mere coincidence.
Nothing will stop me now father, nor mice, rats or spiked balls, arrows and stupid snakes... neither rolling testicles!
- My baby, my baby!!...
And so Eeva, could continue feeding her baby with mashed biological apples, although with the penalty of being stained by her actions. That's a stupid story anyway.
The End.