Legend of the Sword Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Game start
Entering a cave
Options menu

Atari ST version

Loading screen
Game start
Didn't anyone bring supplies?
Alternate colour schemes can be set
The top-down map
You're a poet but you know it
Can't put it clearer than that
Game over

DOS version

World map
Actions menu
You can talk to characters
You can even listen!
Interesting choices
You are delivered to the starting location
Trying to catch a fish
The comments are well-written and humorous
Try typing swear words, and that's the response you get
You see a cave entrance, but you have no idea how to enter
You attempt to ascend a climb, but you lack the proper equipment
You are in the middle of a forest
Sometimes you'll see this red face if you swear too much
You satisfy your hunger by plucking mango from a mango tree
You meet a dog
Copy protection... *sigh*
You're getting a clue to one of the puzzles... but which one?
A dialogue with a weird guy
That looks like our destination, but you can't enter yet