How 2 keep going without starting over when fighting enemiesContributed by Jose Torres (1) on May 18, 2004.

When you get killed by an enemy you have to start all over from your house the castle or the church or if your in a certain place, back to the front door. There is a way around this. Get a bottle from the village to the west of your map. When you get there, buy a bottle from the local bottle man or you may find one in a secret chest. When you have the bottle go to the house with the sick kid in bed. Talk to him and get the net from him. With that net you can catch a fairy and keep it in a bottle so when you die the fairy will come out and cure you and keep you going right where you died. The more bottles you have the more fairies you can keepsake. You can also keep potions in these bottles. This helps alot when your fighting the evil emperor.

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