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The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

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Game Boy Color 36 3.9
Nintendo 3DS 2 5.0
Combined MobyScore 38 4.0

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Game Boy ColorAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
As one of the top selling Nintendo characters, Link is certainly deserving of top-quality treatment whenever one of his games comes to light; Nintendo has stuck to their guns to release Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages, which is easily one of the deepest and best top-down RPG’s on the Game Boy. Fast action, a compelling story, a huge variety of weapons, items and mini-games all make this an attractive title; and when paired with Oracle of Seasons there’s even more to explore and discover through the “secrets” system. Those of you wondering if there’s any life left in the GameBoy with the Advance having flooded onto, and off of, store shelves this summer should cast your gaze onto Oracle of Ages, as it looks mighty comfortable snuggled into the back of a GameBoy Advance, and offers such fantastic gameplay that it might just be able to finally distract you from Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.
Game Boy ColorCubed3
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages is an absolutely outstanding game. Along with Oracle of Seasons, it's one of the best games the Game Boy Color library has to offer and can easily compete with Flagship's later efforts, like The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap on the Game Boy Advance. Unfortunately, Flagship ceased to exist in 2007 and its employees merged into Capcom's main studio, so it's very unlikely that another handheld Zelda game from them will ever be made again. What should definitely be seen, though, is both this game and Oracle of Seasons being released on the 3DS Virtual Console, following the release of Link's Awakening DX shortly after the 3DS launched.
Game Boy ColorPocket Magazine / Pockett Videogames
Bien sûr, les deux épisodes utilisent le même moteur. Graphiquement, ils reprennent le style des précédents Zelda sur Game Boy, en plus fin et détaillé. Mais c’est aux différents volets, sur toutes les consoles (NES, N64, etc.) qu’ils font des clins d’œil. On retrouve des personnages emblématiques et autres ermites cachés sous des rochers. La musique est toujours aussi envoûtante et, surtout, l’aventure reste passionnante!
Game Boy ColorRPGamer
Nintendo has undergone a lot of change since the early days of the NES titles. But, as Zelda changes with the winds of time, so too, must our vision of the saga. With the next episode making a controversial appearance on the GameCube, only time will show us what Link's next mission will be.
Game Boy ColorGaming Age
This is probably the best example of two companies coming together to make two truly epic games. Both Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons are ridiculously fun from beginning to end. The innovative password linking system makes owning both games even more rewarding. These two games will provide you with many hours of enjoyment and are worth every penny they cost you. Whatever you do, don?t pass up these two gems. For those of you saving up money to buy the Game Boy Advance, the first two games I?d buy for the unit are Ages and Seasons. Even though they aren?t 32-bit, none of the launch games for the GBA can compare with these two masterpieces.
Game Boy ColorAll Game Guide
All in all, this may well be the best game made for the Game Boy Color, followed closely behind by The Oracle of Seasons. The way the two games link together adds that extra kick that really makes them both shine. Every GBC owner, and certainly every fan of the Zelda series, owe it to themselves to pick up these last two great games, in memory of a dying system, and as a hopeful preview of handheld software to come.
Game Boy ColorIGN
As long as it takes to complete this game (over 30 hours to get everything), every moment is fun and engaging. The quest is beautifully crafted, the level and Dungeon design is top-notch and the graphics are beautiful. This is a great swan song for an excellent system. The must-est of the must buys!
Game Boy ColorGaming Target
This game draws you in like no other and places you on the brink of flipping out from frustration many times, but eventually you figure the puzzles out. After finally figuring out a puzzle you feel an odd sort of satisfaction like you have just accomplished something great in your life even though you are only playing a game. This constant feeling of self-satisfaction stretches throughout the game and you will be hard pressed to find a more enjoyable and satisfying game anywhere.
Game Boy ColorGame Informer Magazine
If it's Zelda and it's on a Nintendo console, you know it'll be good. I thought Link's first Game Boy epic was gold, but Oracle of Ages blows Link's Awakening out of the water. Just like SNES’ Link to the Past, the time travel aspect brings forth a separate-but-parallel worlds gimmick which doubles the map size. Of course, you're only able to access scant portions of the land until you find new items. The power bracelet, jump feather, and bombs are all back, and it's as exciting as ever to attain them and uncover new areas. Capcom did Miyamoto proud by capturing the concept of level design that keeps you hooked. Planting trees and finding rings only served to make me more enthralled with the package, and it's nice to see a story where Princess Zelda is just a member of the supporting cast.
Game Boy ColorPortable Review
When you beat the game you will get a secret password to Oracle of Seasons. This password will alter the story in Oracle of Seasons and this password will also let you get secret items and weapons. So, if you want the full LoZ: Oracle of Ages and Seasons experience, you had better use these passwords to their fullest.
Game Boy ColorRPGFan
Oracle of Ages if a fun romp, especially when you consider that you can play it all over again in a whole new way using a link cable and a friend's Oracle of Seasons saved game. There are scores of secrets to discover and puzzles to solve, making this the thinking man's Zelda (as opposed to Seasons which is considered to be the fighting man's Zelda). I personally was addicted to this game for the few days it took me to beat it. Don't pass this title up if you love the Legend of Zelda series or puzzles.
Game Boy ColorRPGFan
In conclusion, playing just Oracle of the Ages is simply playing just half of a complete and large adventure. It is highly recommended to have Oracle of the Seasons as well to experience the real ending to the game. RPG players with a knack for puzzle solving and a spare supply of Aspirin will love the deep, complex puzzles of this game.
Game Boy ColorGamezone (Germany)
Zelda ist wieder da! Endlich ein neues Abenteuer mit unserem Helden Link auf dem Gameboy. Wie schon beim Vorgänger kämpft ihr euch mit eurem Schwert durch die Welt von Hyrule. Da das Gameboy-Zelda zum Glück in 2D ist, fällt die Orientierung sehr leicht und wer einmal angefangen hat sich ins Abenteuer zu stürzen, dem fällt es wirklich schwer den Gameboy wieder abzuschalten. Viele kleine Mini-Quests und eine Vielzahl an besonderen Gegenständen sorgen neben der wunderschönen Story für Langzeitspaß!
Game Boy ColorGameSpot
Oracle of Ages is the more cerebral of the two Oracle games--Seasons has you slashing more enemies and solving fewer logic puzzles. If you really want to play only one of them, your decision should be based on the part of Zelda you enjoy most--the action or the puzzles. Ages is a wonderful game in its own right, and as a set with Seasons, it comes as highly recommended as a game can be.
Game Boy ColorNintendo Life
Oracle of Ages somehow feels both new and familiar at the same time. While many beloved Zelda tropes remain, the game still takes plenty of chances, many of which really pay off. Link may have already done some time-travelling in Ocarina of Time, but in Oracle of Ages it becomes the central aspect of gameplay, making way for a puzzle-heavy adventure nuanced by colourful characters, interesting items and a plot much unlike those previously seen in the franchise. Link's Awakening may have given birth to its game engine, but Ages feel like a game all its own. While it may not be the most traditional Zelda game out there, that's certainly not a reason to avoid it: if anything, it's a reason to seek it out.
Game Boy ColorSuper Play
I vilket fall som helst är dessa två titlar riktiga guldklimpar som lätt placerar sig bland de absolut bästa spelen som Game Boy Color har att erbjuda. Se den som en rejäl och pampig avslutning på konsolens karriär. Eller bara som två riktiga höjdarspel. Spela dem i alla fall, det är det viktiga.
Game Boy
De plus, les deux cartouches profitent du système Game Link qui permet de transférer certains objets d'une cartouche à une autre (le même système que pour Pokémon en quelque sorte). Se lancer dans Oracle of Ages c'est donc se préparer à découvrir une aventure gigantesque, pleine de surprises, bourrée de clins d'oeils aux précédents opus de la série, et incroyablement passionnante. Les nouveaux joueurs seront conquis et les fans retrouveront à nouveau ce déclic qui a fait d'eux depuis longtemps des passionnés de Zelda.
Game Boy ColorDa Gameboyz
In the end, I found Zelda: Oracle of Ages to be a fun and enjoyable game. Lots of gameplay time and secrets to unlock make this a must buy for Zelda fans (the compelling storyline doesn't hurt either). ZOOA is a fitting title to bid a decade old system goodbye. Games of this caliber are rare and Nintendo and Capcom Entertainment should be commended on an excellent job. Therefore I score Zelda Oracle of Ages with a healthy joystick up.
Game Boy ColorGamePro (US)
The land of Labrynna is in big trouble, and it?s up to Link to save the day. Oracle of Ages fires up legendary Zelda gameplay as you explore strange new worlds, fight creatures big and small, and manage an inventory of items that you collect along the way. But with only two buttons, controlling everything Link can hold and use can be an arduous task, especially in heated situations. With quality RPGs for the GBC lacking, Oracle of Ages certainly fills the void.
Nintendo 3DSNintendo Master
The Legend of Zelda : Oracle of Ages et The Legend of Zelda : Oracle of Seasons sont censés être liés, pour vivre une aventure complète. Il n’en demeure pas moins que la trame principale reste la même, que le concept est très similaire, et le gameplay strictement identique. Ces deux jeux sont donc à réserver aux vrais puristes, qui d’une part ne seront pas rebutés par l’aspect graphique, qui quoi qu’on en dise date un peu, et qui réussiront à trouver un intérêt dans la rejouabilité, pour enchaîner plus de 20 heures par épisode, sans se lasser. Et c’est bien là leur plus grand défi ! Nombre de joueurs ne seront peut-être pas de mon avis ! Il reste à se poser la question suivante : ces mêmes joueurs auront-ils enchaîné les deux opus à la volée, ou au contraire, auront-ils laissé les années passer avant de vouloir s’atteler au second volet ? Le plaisir ne sera clairement pas le même !
Game Boy ColorThe Video Game Critic
The clean-looking graphics are about NES quality, but the well-orchestrated music and familiar audio effects sound as if they were lifted directly from Link to the Past. The stages are thoughtfully designed to provide constant clues and minimize backtracking. The time-traveling aspect is a novel concept but it could have been better executed. It's hard to determine how changes to the past affect the present world, and traveling back and forth between the two ages gets old after a while. Magical rings are vital to your success, but their functions are hard to determine, and you can only change your ring when visiting the ring appraiser. In my opinion, Oracle of Ages is not one of the stronger entries in the Zelda series, but it's still a high quality mix of action and adventure.