LEGO Batman: The Videogame Screenshots

User Screenshots

PSP version

WB splash
Intro: Batman's boomerang vs the evil-doers
Title screen (featuring funny animation)
Intro cut-scene: Robin and Batman getting ready for tonight
Rope. Gotham's environment-friendly mass transit system
Batman grabs an evil-doer by the neck (left) and Robin has just hurled another (right)
Batman has this demolition suit that allows him to place bombs
The level design makes everything fun
Robin in his tech suit can remote control this little green car
And you get to play with the remote control car
Batman's computer in the bat-cave
The batmobil flies off to a new mission
Robin acting crazy on his motorcycle
Dismembering some little Lego (TM) men
Aiming with the batarang (right)
Robin's magnetic suit (left) and Batman's gliding suit (center)

Windows version

Main menu
A small piece of bad guy history while loading the level.
A new suit with new abilities.
Batman builds Robins logo to get access to a new suit.
The level selection screen.
Welcome to the Bat Cave.
Every suit the player has unlocked can be used in the Bat Cave.
No the penguin wasn't here - it's Mr. Freeze we're after.
Great lighting effects.
Robin's magnetic suit in action.
Having some fun with the freeze canon (the block on the left is Batman).
Another LEGO game - another driving sequence to spice things up.
It's clobbering time in Ivy's lab.
Unlocked new suits.