LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues

LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
Select your campaign.
The main hub for the first campaign: the streets surrounding the University.
Fighting a boss under Area 51.
Destroying the home of these dummies - they don't need anything anyway.
New enemies arrived through the front door.
New vehicles can be unlocked by finding and buying them in the game.
Indiana Jones is boring - meet the new hero of the game: Pink Panties.
The editor allows you to create small levels.
Wrecking havoc in the streets.
Another boss fight featuring two trains and two cranes.
As always the game doesn't take the underlying material too serious.
Digging up the entrance to the cave with the skull.
The Russians have big guns but Indy has his whip.
The screen is divided if the two players aren't in the same area.
Some vehicles have enough room for two characters.
I remember the spiders from the movie - but not a man made out of spiders....
Solving a simple riddle.
While my partner solves another riddle, I struggle with a trap.
Fighting up our way to the temple. The most important character decided to stay up there and got captured.
As always the bad girl gets all the power in the end.