LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Title screen with main menu.
The game starts in Dexter's Diner. There's a separate door for each chapter
Door 1 is 'The Phantom Menace' and behind that are other doors, one for each mission.
This screen shows the game's options or bonus features that can be unlocked during game play
Still in Dexter's Diner prior to playing the first mission. Whenever an object glows green the player can use 'The Force' on it. Here we've found a stack of credits inside a pepper pot
The Phantom Menace: Mission 1
There are two modes of play, story mode and freeplay
Good to see the old traditions being kept alive
The first mission starts with a cinematic opening, but in LEGO.
The heroes. In a single player game there are still two characters on screen but one is handled by the AI
As this is the first mission the game gives helpful advice on using the controls
Collecting credits and health upgrades from seats in the boardroom
Swapping characters is an essential part of the game. There are some doors that only the droids can open
Here 'The Force' has been used to repair a machine, now it is being used to power the machine so that the blue credits can be harvested. There are lots of little in-game puzzles like this
This bit could end badly
Here we are stuck on one side of a force field. How to get over/through it?
If the game is left unplayed at the main menu it will start playing a short demo sequence which ends with a close up of the main baddie
The Phantom menace Chapter 2 takes place on Naboo. The glowing plant on the right will reveal coins and additional health
At certain points a cut scene unfolds. Here we're saving Jar Jar from becoming roadkill as an Empire transport roars overhead
Jar Jar leads us into a ruined temple where there's lots of running and jumping to be done
The Empire takes Queen Amidala captive, don't worry she's freed in the same cut scene
Queen Amidala carries a blaster but it is very hard to aim her with any accuracy
Characters with blasters have a special ability. Another reason why swapping characters is essential
At the end of an episode the characters that have been unlocked are added to the player's inventory
Wonder why you collect studs? It's to unlock Superkit pieces.
There are special pieces to hunt for, they are called minikit pieces and they look a bit like flame thrower back packs
At the end of a chapter the player has the option to continue or quit

Windows version

Main Menu.
The typical intro text in the Spanish edition
Dexter's Dinner. Good place to start the game.
Character menu.
Jedi character can use the Force to get rid of obstacles.
Droids can be easily destroyed by the Light Sabers.
Use the Force to repair broken devices.
Attack on Naboo.
Prepare to start!
Mos Espa Podrace.
The Clones.
Jango Fett and his son Boba.
Battle over Coruscant.
Anakin in battle with droids.
Acrobatics in the air.
Final battle with general Grevious.
Destroying things to get pieces.
Entering the first level (Spanish Edition).
Using the force powers. (1)
Using the force powers. (2)