LEGO Stunt Rally Credits

Intelligent Games

Original Game DesignDee Jarvis, Cornelis E. Gajentaan, Simon Evers
Additional DesignDaniel Bailie
Program ManagerNeil Jones-Cubley
Team LeaderDaniel Bailie
Lead ProgrammerDaniel Neil
ProgrammersSunlich Chudasama, Duncan Denning, Daniel Wheeler, Bruce Heather
Additional ProgrammersSimon Evers
Lead ArtistCornelis E. Gajentaan
ArtistsJennifer Allen, Alex Cave, Dugan Jackson
Additional ArtistsLeigh Christian, Dee Jarvis
SoundAudio Interactive

Testing for Intelligent Games

Production TechnicianRichard Quin
TestingJames Deane
Additional TestingRyan Kalis, Steve Hawkes, Paul Nesbit, Ryan Green, Daniel Rogers, RĂ³isin Gillespie, Poppy Shrapnell, Zak Shrapnell
Level DesignRyan Kalis
Production ManagerJames Muggeridge

Additional Art and FMV for Graphic State

3D ArtworkCharles Harbour
TexturingRichard Hill-Whittall
For LEGO Media InternationalMartin Lanzinger, Jason Povlotsky

LEGO Media International

Worldwide Managing DirectorMark Livingstone
Head of DevelopmentChris Nicholls
ProducerDavid Williams
Global Head of Quality AssuranceKevin Turner
QA Group LeadGary Simmons
TestersAlex Munday, Sophie Blakemore, David Lane, Mohammed Ajaib, Matthew Marriner
Technical LeadAndrew Donnely
Localisation ManagerIsabelle Martin
Head of LogisticsNic Ashford
Logistics ControllerRobert Boyle
Global Brand DirectorPetra Bedford
Marketing Manager - Contructive & GamesHelen Nicholas
Global Sales DirectorLeah Kalboussi
Additional ThanksSpecial thanks go to all the children who gave their valuable input throughout the development of this title

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Richard Hill-Whittall, 20 other games
Simon Evers, 20 other games
Chris Nicholls, 19 other games
Gary Simmons, 19 other games
Ryan Kalis, 18 other games
Dugan Jackson, 17 other games
Daniel Wheeler, 17 other games
Leigh Christian, 17 other games
Mark Livingstone, 15 other games
Leah Kalboussi, 14 other games
David Lane, 13 other games
Neil Jones-Cubley, 12 other games
Bruce Heather, 11 other games
Daniel Neil, 10 other games
Martin Lanzinger, 9 other games
Dee Jarvis, 9 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by quizzley7 (21723) and Corn Popper (69437)