Leisure Suit Larry III: Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Part of the introduction
Looking through binoculars; if you answered all the questions right, she might not lower the shades!
Starting location along with some credits
Lost in the woods; eventually you'll get used to this
Larry arrives home
Look out ladies, Larry's back!
Exploring the island; some cabanas
Visiting your place of employment
Have a seat...anywhere but the couch
Hmm, a girl on the beach...
Close up view as she stands up
Talking with Tawni
Exploring a cave near the beach
Outside the Comedy Club; a box pops up for entering commands
Inside the comedy club; plenty of bad jokes here!
A wisecrack as you look in the mirror...
Close up view of Cherri
Outside the law firm Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe
Talking with a lawyer
Suzi Cheatem...your lawyer
Larry on stage; can any good come from this?!
Outside Fat City, the local health spa
Think you can talk your way into the place?
The maze-like locker room
An odd view of Larry walking in the shower room
Larry works out
Bambi is working on a fitness video
Larry offers some advice to improve Bambi's video
At the bar; who is that at the piano?
Meeting our title character, Passionate Patti
Water fountain outside the hotel
Can you get the thermometers to rise?
In some parts of the game you control Passionate Patti instead of Larry
Any chance this guy will let you into Chip 'n Dales?
Talking with Dale, the owner of Chip 'n Dales
Patti ventures into the unknown in search of Larry
Uh...lost. Which way would you go?

Atari ST version

Title screen
The game starts here
There are many places to get lost
Things aren't going so well apparently...
Larry is back!
Not the nicest beach around...
Exploring one of the hotels
Stopping by the office
Hmm, an attractive girl on the beach!
Closeup view of Tawni
Taking a drink at the sink
Outside the law offices of Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe.
Enjoying a show
Talking with Cherri Tart
Entering a command
Why is Larry walking around in such odd clothing?!
Outside the entrance to Fat City
The people here are certainly friendly...

DOS version

Title screen
The quiz in the beginning of the game determines the "raunchy" level of a few subsequent scenes...
...and this early (yet optional!) scene demonstrates the highest rank!..
Watching TV, opening the menu with interesting options... this kind of thing. Nice shirt, Larry!..
Your house... but not for long
Back to your swingin' ways!..
Your place of employment... again, not for long
Larry is cruelly handled by his ex-father-in-law (visually resembling a certain somebody). Note the different colors for messages
Meeting Tawni, one of the several young women who'll want something from you
Close-up on Tawni: quite the hottie
Larry is visiting Fat City. A great name for a health spa!
An animation of Larry drinking water
Larry meets the creator of the game in a hilarious meta-scene that uses any words the player wishes to insert into it
An amusing comment at the casino. Note the different colors for message font and backgrounds - you can change them in-game
Close-up on the dancer Cherri Tart
Copy protection! There is quite a bit of it in the game - better have the manual ready
Entering a law office. Displaying the inventory, now neatly arranged in the middle of the screen
Look at Larry's outfit!.. Also, this is how the game reacts to words it doesn't understand
Close-up on the lawyer Suzi Cheatem
Not-really-successful pick-up no. 1
Not-really-successful pick-up no. 2
The shower scene looks more interesting and ugh... better without Larry's personal details visible
A maze of lockers! Larry looks nice in those sweats, doesn't he?..
Larry will have to work out quite a bit in this game!..
Playing as Larry is relatively safe in this game. Here is one of the few funny death messages
Sitting on a stool in a piano bar next to Roger Wilco!
Close-up on the pianist Passionate Patti, the heroine of the game!
In Patti's penthouse; close-up on an item
Patti is watching a male strip show!..
Such messages appear when you attempt to quit the game
Patti is trying to find her way through the bamboo maze. Nice dress, by the way!..
After completing the bamboo maze
Patti smokes weed... and is greeted by an Easter egg
Down the rapids
This late-game sequence with just one of the numerous Easter eggs to encounter here
Title screen (CGA 4 color)
Beginning the game (CGA 4 color)
Lost in the forest - CGA 2 color
Larry gets dumped - CGA 2 color
The Boss Key, how considerate of Sierra