Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail! Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen. The famous Larry theme plays here, arranged as a jazz standard, complete with solos!
Note the animations. Typical context-sensitive menu with verbs
Intro. Another woman who cheats Larry instead of sleeping with him...
One of the ship's main hubs. Checking out the options menu
The map of the ship allows easy instant travel
You try thinking outside of the box. All you can come up with is having sexual intercourse with Neptune. This doesn't quite work
Larry's room - not quite what he expected...
Congratulations, you've found a dildo! Keep 'em coming!
Visiting the kitchen. Scrap the piece of paper that comes with the game and you'll smell fish. Err... nice idea
Victorian Principles is a tough lady to crack. Extended conversation topics
Casino will be a major location for some mini-games later on
The game has many detailed descriptions, as adventure games should have
Meet the Juggs, famous country singers
Pool area
Drew Baringmore - you are trying to "bare more" by moving that branch. It's not that simple...
Not all female characters in the game are... errr... physically attractive
The Narrator often comes with some really good bad jokes
Attending an important speech
One of the few close-ups on a male character. Order your drink, Larry!
Larry is brave. Well, it's easier to be brave now he cannot die
Hmm... this looks like a puzzle I'll have to tackle later
High scores. The other names mean nothing - you'll win the contest through puzzle-solving
Al Lowe appears in the game as a waiter who has sex with Captain Thygh

Windows version

Title screen
Opening screen
Got to escape!
Well, you've been worse off...
In the ship...
What a lovely, errrr, view
The team behind the game
Victorian Principles
In the library
In the restaurant
"World Map"
This menu appears when you click on an object
Options menu
The hero
Sometimes you need to type yourself the desired action
Your room
You get special points for finding those little red fellows
The high security hallway with photos of "former winners" of Captain Thygh's contest.
Hot metal
S'pork meat
Ship on the ship
Tree and Ken Williams!..
Too high!
Lovemaster 2000
"Hot" scene
Oops... sorry