Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded Screenshots

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Android version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Age Check
Waiting for the bartender in Lefty's bar
Selecting a drink
Selecting a tune in jukebox
Helping a man with whiskey
Resting on the toilet
Visiting the dark alley is a very dangerous
Larry is resurrected in the underground facility
Map of the City of Lost Wages
In the cab
Meeting a man near the store
Calling the hot line
Adjusting the lubbers
Playing the Angry Broads
The lubber was finally bought
What an exhibition
At the casino's entrance
Trying to pick up a fan of basketball team
Playing the video slots
Playing the video blackjack
Hotel's elevator
The objects are hidden in the buffet
Listening for a song in cabaret
Approaching a security guard
Faith has a power to guard
Toilet also may be a very dangerous place
Comedy show is full of jokes
Distracting the pimp
Making a visual contact with a hooker
Hungry for any love
Finding a hammer
Policeman is waiting for you
Passing to disco with a VIP card of some other guy
In da club
Selecting the dialogue options while talking with Fawn
Disco dancing
Fawn last name was unveiled on the wedding
You are ready for the honeymoon night with Fawn
Knocking on the door
Jasmine is an animal's lover
Ready to fill the whale's hole
Entering the penthouse apartment
Alas, there is nobody in the penthouse's bedroom
Flying to the woman of your dreams on a doll
Rubber doll is ready for you
Beautiful Eve is near
No more bubbles
Al Lowe and his faithful sax congratulate you

iPad version

A well known place: Lefty's
Title screen
Main menu
Larry in the mood
A pool!
Nice diving equipment
Larry meets his older self.
The inventory
Creepy or what?
In the taxi, again.
City map
You'll see signs like this a couple of times!
Inside the bar
Strange art
You can probably beat this highscore!

Windows version

Main menu (French version)
Here we start (French version).
In Lefty's Bar (French version).
What a dirty place
The inventory
The questions are all different, and updated to our era! So I must be over 18 to remember Buffy? Oh, my! I'm old!!..
The environments are much busier, and there are loads of new dialogue
Now you click on locations on this map to tell the cabbie where to go...
...but of course, the familiar Larry-cabbie interface is still there
Disco entrance
Convenience store
The phone interface - with some new numbers?..
The casino has been renamed...
The dark alleys are still there...
...and going there still results in death. The reanimation sequence, however, is different!
So THAT's what was there!! :)
There are many more people in the casino, all with a lot of dialogue. Check out those puns :)
Playing blackjack
Faith... Ahhh, I remember her in EGA and VGA times... :)
I don't recall that woman swimming in the original version... and wait a minutes... what's to the left??
...it's a new location - a buffet!
The jokes are all new!
You finally gain access to the disco. The card actually belonged to a rabbi! Only this remake makes it clear :)
There are now dialogue options during the conversation with Fawn!
Jukebox - song selection
The pimp's room has some new objects now... and the puzzles are a bit different
New dialogue with the whore
Close-up on the whore. She looks... sad
The game ANGRY BROADS is available at the store...
...and so is a slot machine! This way you can't possibly get stuck in the game when you don't have enough money to take a cab to the casino!
New location, exclusive to this remake
New girl, exclusive to this remake - Jasmine
Getting ready to "do it" with Fawn. Note the many new objects and text feedback
Larry and Fawn are getting married
Larry is in the penthouse
Flying on the rubber doll to the girl of Larry's dreams
Rubber doll close-up
Eve is introducing herself
Al Lowe was in the pool all the time along with his faithful sax

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  • Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded Screenshot
  • Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded Screenshot
  • Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded Screenshot
  • Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded Screenshot